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Harris, Muriel
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Date: May-June, 2011 Source Volume: 35 Source Issue: 9-10

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This issue of the Writing Lab Newsletter completes Volume 35 for the academic year, and we'll spend the summer preparing for Volume 36. (Yes, some of us have been around for 35 years in this fascinating and always rewarding world of writing centers!)

Articles in this issue should help as you plan for the next academic year. Pamela Bedore and Brian O'Sullivan offer us an account of how two writing centers directors collaborated in structuring workshops to be held in classrooms. For those of us who spend some summer leisure planning and writing and find, as a result, that we suffer from an overload of files and folders scattered all over the hard drive, Jackie Grutsch McKinney introduces us to free software programs designed to help bring some organization to all our documents.

As part of preparation for tutor training for next fall, Arlene Archer offers guidelines for tutors working with students who come with multi-modal documents to work on. And our tutor's voice in this issue is Jacob Bender reminding himself and other tutors of the difficulties some students have when writing in unfamiliar genres.

I wish us all a delightful summer pleasantly filled with vacations, relaxation, and just enough productive writing for our profession and planning for next fall so that we can enjoy some guilt-free summer leisure.

Muriel Harris, editor
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