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Harris, Muriel
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Date: Dec, 2006 Source Volume: 31 Source Issue: 4

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Welcome to another issue of WLN, one that explores fresh perspectives on familiar themes and also branches into new fields. Gail Nash presents us with a new lens through which to view tutor/student interaction--politeness theory--to explore differing cultural views of polite interaction. Erika Spoher, using ecological community theory as her lens, ranges from philosophy to physics to remind us why viewing the center as marginal isn't meaningful. The tutors of Northeastern University share their twelve tips for tutoring, a useful reminder for all tutors. And Mark Boone uses the lens of philosophy to reflect on why the mantra of improving writers, not the writing, is so critical to the success of tutoring.

In the next few months, many of us will be meeting at various conferences. But not everyone has the time and funds needed to be at these meetings. So, for those groups that post conference summaries on their Web sites, WLN will gladly include notices of your reports on your Web sites.

In the meantime, as many of us pack up and put work behind us in order to enjoy quiet vacation time and holiday celebrations, I wish us all continued joy in our work, high quality relaxing time, and a new year of peace. (And for those of you applying for the writing center positions listed in this issue, success in filling the job of your choice.)
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