Writing Centre Indaba at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
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Daniels, Sharifa
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"Indaba" is an African word that means "a deliberation of leaders in an African community"(Translated from the HAT*). Within everyday South African language usage the word has come to take on the meaning of a deliberation and/or discussion among groups of people.

"A call to celebrate international writing centres"

For the first time, in 2006, International Writing Centers Week, an initiative of the International Writing Centers Association, will be celebrated in various ways in writing centres around the world. A specific week is designated for the event.

The Western Cape Writing Centre Forum has responded to this call from the IWCA and has decided to use the week as an opportunity to:

* increase awareness about the importance of academic writing development on our individual campuses.

* market the services of the writing centres on their campuses at the beginning of the academic year (the week coincides with the beginning of the academic year)

* simultaneously raise the profile of our writing centres on our individual campuses

* network with important and strategic role-players on campus to strengthen our institutional positions (where necessary)

The 2006 Writing Centre Indaba

Purpose: Apart from the campaigns on the individual campuses there will also be a collaborative event where writing centre practitioners will have the opportunity to engage in writing centred topics. The staging of this event is exploratory, and its success will determine the continuation in the future.

2006 Hosts: Stellenbosch University Writing Lab Arrangement Committee: Sharifa Daniels and Rose Richards Date: 16 February, 2006 Venue: Seminar Room, Language Centre, Crozier Street, Stellenbosch Number of possible attendees: 22


* A one-day seminar/symposium with various presentations/contributions by Writing Centre experts/practitioners

* The guest speaker/presenter: Prof Carel Jansen, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands

Costs: The Stellenbosch University Language Centre will cover all costs for the seminar/symposium. This means that in future the host of the Indaba will also be liable for funding the event. The host will not be liable for the transport and boarding arrangements of delegates who may travel from distant destinations. We could, however, make suggestions about possible places to stay.

* HAT: Verklarende Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal (Afrikaans explanatory dictionary)

Sharifa Daniels


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