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Miller, Vicki
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Dear VAHPERD members,

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for being an important part of VAHPERD and Thank You for all that you do for our profession. All Virginians are experiencing difficult financial times in education, healthcare, home ownership, jobs, and many other areas. Our students need us now more than ever. Teachers may be the only "constant" in our students' lives. We represent security, care, understanding, thoughtfulness, and the difference in their health and education. Our leadership and success as educators will make a difference in their future. One of the most successful ways to ensure their future will be there is to be advocates for the best health and physical education. Advocacy starts at the grass roots level in our schools and school boards, city and county government, state and national government. I know this is a difficult time to ask you to be advocates for our students when some of our school systems are cutting PE programs and some of our colleagues are losing their jobs. But these issues make it more vital for us to step up to the plate for our students and profession.

VAHPERD participated in the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association's National Health Day on Capitol Hill to advocate for Physical Education, PEP Grants, and recess. These programs will also help alleviate Childhood Obesity. Kim Clancy and I were able to meet with Senators and Congressional leaders to share success stories of VA school systems that have been fortunate to have PEP grants. Henrico, Fairfax, and Alexandria participated in the "PEP Demo" on Capitol Hill to highlight quality HPE programs. Teachers taught mini lessons in physical fitness, nutrition and crossing the curriculum with technology and best practices. Students participated enthusiastically and were great representatives of healthy andactive students learning quality physical education. But more school systems need to receive PEP grants. Only 10% of "PEP" grant applications are funded. We need to inform our VA Senators and Congressional Representatives of the importance of PEP. Senator Mark Warner: http:// (202)-224-6295; Senator Jim Webb: (202)-228-6363 In January we had over 60 participants learning advocacy strategies and opportunities for HPE funding at our annual VAHPERD Leadership Development Conference. Special THANKS to Megan Wolfe, AAHPERD Legislative representative for teaching "Advocacy 101". Mark Brandenburger and Kim Clancy also shared advocacy tips and pointers and success stories that can be replicated. Alison Spencer from ANTHEM Health Insurance introduced a RADIO DISNEY grant opportunity for elementary teachers to provide extracurricular physical activity for their students (Vanessa Wigand will send out info in a Superintendent's Letter in September for HPE teachers to participate in this program). Jon Lugbill (Richmond Sportsbackers) also shared info for grant funding opportunities to provide physical education programs, similar to the SHIPP program in Wmsbg-James City County (Jeannie Trainum). Heather Board, VDH, is also providing mini-grants for bicycle programs. Please check out our grants program on our VAHPERD website. Walk 4 Life has also partnered with VAHPERD to award a trip to AAHPERD next year. Mark Luckingbill (ING) and VAHPERD's Chad Triolet "presented" at the AAHPERD National Convention sharing ideas for running programs and grant opportunities. ING has launched a new awards program that will provide (60) $2,000 grants to schools that desire to establish a school-based running program or expand an existing one. ING is expanding its efforts to help fight childhood obesity and introduce kids to the benefits of running, a habit of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices through the ING Run For Something Better School Awards Program in partnership with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). Go to: Also, check out Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" website for ideas, programs and funding. Governor McDonnell's wife, Maureen McDonnell, will be the Honorary Chair for the "Weight of the State" Childhood Obesity convention in Richmond on May 17th-18th. This will be another opportunity for VAHPERD to advocate for quality health and physical education. There are a lot of grant opportunities, mentors, and programs that want to help our profession. Please take advantage.

VAHPERD leadership teams have "reached out" to those in need through education and mini workshops. Special THANKS to Terry Gooding (OHPEP), Rodney Williams, and other VAHPERD members for "presenting" and sharing ideas, equipment, and lesson plans. We have also been preparing for our convention in VA Beach at the Founders Inn: November 12-14, 2010. We are using the feedback from last year's convention to make this convention "the best"! We have a lot of great state and national presenters, "corporate partners" and vendors that will enhance our HPE curriculum, programs and extra curricular activities. I have a few suggestions for you to "pay it forward" for our profession: write articles for the Virginia Journal, share lesson plans, photos and videos for our VAHPERD website, talk to parents, school boards, local & state government leaders, and get involved in VAHPERD leadership. If you have skills and abilities, and I know you do, reach out to others and share those gifts. If you are in need of help, reach out to your professional organization. What can we do to help? Thanks again for your support. I look forward to seeing you in November! Remember, the future of VAHPERD is in your hands!

Sincerely, Vicki
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