Construction of an apparatus demonstrating the application of the heat equation to a stainless steel plate.
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Castille, D.
Crider, D.
Lisantti, J.
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Date: Annual, 2000
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An apparatus was designed and constructed with the purpose of demonstrating the solution to the heat equation in a square stainless steel plate. The temperatures of two sides of the plate were raised using strip heaters and the other two sides were kept at room temperature using water-cooling. The strip heaters were powered with 110Vac and controlled with ordinary dimmer switches. Hoses supplied water from a faucet to strips of metal, which in turn cooled two sides of the plate. In this talk, results will be presented using this apparatus to measure the temperature distribution across the plate and comparing the results to theoretical predictions using the heat equation.

Castille, D., D. Crider, and J. Lisantti. CC.
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