Foraminiferal paleoenvironments of Paleocene Wilcox (60 my) Tew Lake Marker.
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Glawe, L.
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Date: Annual, 2000
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Depositional environments of the subsurface Tew Lake Marker (TLM) are interpreted from conventional cores taken from the Hunt Petroleum A-68 well in the NeboHemphill Field, LaSalle Parish, Louisiana. The TLM occurs within a delta sequence known as the Wilcox. Interpretations of electric/sonic logs indicate the TLM is usually a 10-ft thick, dense (limey) interval of silty beds that overlies a bed of lignite. Analyses of foraminiferal assemblages contained in eight core samples reveal the paleoenvironmental history of the Paleocene Gulf of Mexico as recorded by the TLM depositional sequence. Underlying the TLM is a distributary sand-lignite sequence, representing an abandoned delta lobe. The TLM is a transgressive-bay sequence that resulted from subsidence of delta-lobe deposits and/or a slight rise in sea level. Open marine waters invaded the coastal delta plain to form bays between delta lobes. Coastal areas were modified by waves and currents from the open gulf that changed the hydrodynamics and salinity of the bays. Paleosalinities of these bays varied from brackish water in inner bays to normal marine water in outer bays.

Glawe, L. ULM.
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