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The love affair between plastics packaging and private equity hit a new high in 2007, despite recent fluctuations on the money markets. According to a new report from AMI, 14 of Europe's top 50 plastics packaging companies are now owned by private equity investors, compared with just one in 2002.

Amcor is now Europe's largest plastics packaging business with related European sales estimated at 2,070m [euro]. The Australian owned company only recently knocked Austria's Alpla-Werke off the top position, having integrated the Schmalbach Lubeca PET business into its operations.

Europe's third largest player is Alcan Packaging which is currently up for sale. Rio Tinto and Alcan Inc have agreed to sell off the company as part of the takeover deal announced in July 2007. At press time two US packaging firms were showing interest in acquiring the business.

Other recent acquisitions illustrate the high level of corporate change and restructuring taking place amongst leading plastics packaging companies. AMI says these groups can often only survive in the competitive packaging business by focusing on niche segments and by expanding internationally, not just within a European context. They are looking to achieve this through a process of either divestment or merger and acquisition. Nearly all the major companies covered in AMI's survey have seen some significant change in structure or ownership in recent years.

Europe's top 50 plastics packaging groups accounted for sales of more than 21bn [euro] in 2006 and used some 7.7m tonnes of polymer materials at over 650 plants. As such these 50 companies represent approximately 40% of the total plastics packaging business in Europe. It is interesting to note that in 2002, the top 50 companies accounted for just 30% of the business.

Company               Head office location   Sector

Amcor                 Australia              Flexible/Rigid
Alpla-Werke           Austria                Rigid
Alcan Packaging       France                 Flexible/Rigid
Huhtamaki             Finland                Flexible/Rigid
Sealed Air            USA                    Flexible/Rigid
LINPAC                UK                     Flexible/Rigid
RPC                   UK                     Rigid
RKW                   Germany                Flexible/Rigid
Global Closure        France                 Rigid
Klockner Pentaplast   Germany                Rigid

Company               Plastics technology used:

Amcor                 Injection moulding/film extrusion
Alpla-Werke           Blow moulding
Alcan Packaging       Film extrusion/Injection moulding
Huhtamaki             Sheet extrusion
Sealed Air            Film extrusion/sheet extrusion
LINPAC                Sheet extrusion
RPC                   Blow moulding, injection
                      moulding, sheet/thermoforming
RKW                   Film extrusion
Global Closure        Blow moulding/injection
Systems               moulding
Klockner Pentaplast   Sheet

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