Davie/Davis Public Service Award.
Sunley, Emil M.
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The Davie/Davis Public Service Award was created in 2005 in memory of two long-time National Tax Association members, Bruce F. Davie and Albert J. Davis.

Although he began as an academic, Bruce Davie spent the majority of his almost forty-year career in public service. He served as chief economist of the Ways and Means Committee during the development and enactment of the landmark Tax Reform Act of 1986, and subsequently in the executive branch in the Department of the Treasury. He played an instrumental role in the development of many tax policies and analyses, especially in the areas of tax-exempt bonds, tax expenditures, and tax shelters, and was known for his witty and insightful presentations at NTA conferences. The NTA honored Davie's many contributions to the analysis of tax issues at the May 2004 symposium, and articles relating to his interests can be found in the September 2004 issue of the National Tax Journal.

After a brief stint at the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, A1 Davis spent the remainder of his career on Capitol Hill. He served for many years as a tax economist at the House Budget Committee, and in the mid-1990s became chief economist for the Democrats at the Ways and Means Committee. Davis was an expert on virtually all aspects of individual and corporate income taxation, and was among the first analysts to point out the problems that would eventually arise from an ever-expanding alternative minimum tax. He was especially known for bringing his wit and intelligence to bear in exposing budget scams and introducing thorough economic analysis into political debates. The National Tax Association honored Davis with a session at the Fall 2003 meetings.

The Davie-Davis Award honors NTA members who have followed Bruce F. Davie and Albert J. Davis in serving the public through the provision of insightful analyses and objective advice on issues of taxation and government finance to elected officials, other policymakers, and the general public. The 2011 recipient of the Davie/Davis Public Service Award is:

Emil M. Sunley

Retired, formerly Assistant Director in the Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund, and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, U. S. Department of the Treasury
The recipients of the Davie/Davis Public Service Award have been:

2010      Harry Grubert
2009      James Nunns
2008      Eric Toder
2007      Jane Gravelle
2006      Seymour Fiekowsky
2005      Eugene Steuerle
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