Dinosaurs and pseudoscience (a question about the K-T boundary).
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DINOSAURS AND PSEUDOSCIENCE (A QUESTION ABOUT THE K-T BOUNDARY). Edward Bosworth, College of Science, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA 31907.

This talk is in response to a claim heard on a popular science-related television show. The argument is that "If the giant collision at the end of the Cretaceous Period killed all of the dinosaurs, then the K-T boundary layer ought to contain some dinosaur fossils. But it does not contain fossils. Thus the dinosaurs died before the end of Cretaceous". This pat answer, as well as the simplistic response "The dinosaurs just did not die in the right place" each have a flavor of what I call "pseudoscience". This talk will elaborate my belief that while the first argument is false, it has enough logical content to be taken seriously. The talk will point to the absolute necessity of examining the premises of the first argument, mainly that the K-T boundary layer ought to contain fossils. Such an examination might result in several interesting and fruitful lines of research. NOTE TO THE EDITORS: This should be considered a talk in the Philosophy of Science. If you decide to accept the paper, you may place it in any area you want. ANOTHER NOTE: I have just noticed the necessity of being a member of the Academy. 1 am not presently a member, but will apply immediately if that can be done on-line.
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