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Name: Indian Journal of Industrial Relations Publisher: Shri Ram Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Economics Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 Shri Ram Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources ISSN: 0019-5286
Date: April, 2011 Source Volume: 46 Source Issue: 4
Event Code: 290 Public affairs; 360 Services information; 200 Management dynamics Computer Subject: Company business management
Named Person: Szell, Gyorgy; Szell, Gyorgy
Geographic Scope: Germany Geographic Code: 4EUGE Germany

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Born in 1941 in Budapest Gyorgy Szell grew up in Germany and Luxembourg. After studies of social sciences in Frankfurt a.M., Aix-en-Provence, Munster, Algiers, Bochum and Berlin he got his degree of Diplom-Soziologe (1965) and Dr.sc.pol. (1967) at the Westphalian Wilhelm's University Munster, Germany. He was a researcher at the Social Science Research Centre in Dortmund, Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Berlin, before he became Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Osnabruck/F.R.G. from 1973. He taught at 60 universities in more than 30 countries, including at the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo. He was several times Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Vice-president of the University from 1995 to 1997. Since 2010 he is President of the Scientific Council of the Federative European Pluri-disciplinary Institute (IFEP) 'Law, Social Regulations & Transformations', University Paul Cezanne in Aix-en-Provence, France. From 1990 to 1994 he was member of the Executive Committee of the International Sociological Association (ISA), from 1987 to 1991 President of the ISA-Research Committee on Participation, Organisational Democracy & Self-Management; from 1990 to 1994 Founder President of the ISA-Research Committee on Environment & Society; from 1978 to 1988 member of the board of the International Association of French-Speaking Sociologists (AISLF). Since 1993 he is an expert to the Commission of the European Communities, and from 1999 to 2010 Founder President of the International Network Regional & Local Development of Work & Labour/RLDWL.

His main publications include Participation, Workers ' Control & Self-Management (1988; translated into Greek, Russian, Slovakian, Chinese); International Handbook of Participation in Organizations, Vol. I (1989); Concise Encyclopaedia of Participation & Co-Management (1992); European Labour Relations, 2 vols. (2001; translated into Chinese); Participation, Globalisation & Culture (2002) The Injustice at Work--An International View on the World of Labour and Society (2002), Labour, Globalisation & the New Economy (2005); Corporate Social Responsibility in the EU & Japan (2006); Education, Labour & Science--Perspectives for the 21st Century (2008); European Social Integration--A Model for East Asia? (2009); Quality of Life & Working Life in Comparison (2009). He authored more than 300 scientific publications.

He was/is a board member of the following reviews: International Review of Sociology (1986-); Current Sociology (1990-1998); Ecologie Politique, Paris (1992-); International Journal of Japanese Sociology (1992); Management & Change (1998-); Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective (2004-); Contexto e Educagao. Brazil (2009-); Journal on Economic Policy and Management Studies (2011-).
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