Nomenclature of thermal analysis.
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Thermal analysis (Terminology)
Science (Terminology)
Rouquerol, Jean
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The scope of this document is to provide scientists working in the field of thermal analysis with a consistent "definitions of terms" that are commonly used within the field to allow precise communication and understanding. In considering all the matters of nomenclature, the current Committee has followed the advice of the late Robert Mackenzie in that:

* terminology should be simple;

* abbreviations kept to a minimum;

* names based on particular instruments should be discouraged.

This document acknowledges that nomenclature develops--without regulated definition--as the field of thermal analysis develops. Some terms used by authors and scientists rapidly become accepted by the scientific community, even if the term is not consistent with past definitions, science or grammatically correct. However, if such a term is widely used and understood, it is reported here.

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Dr. Jean Rouquerol

ICTAC Past-President


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