Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins.
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Microbial toxins (Conferences, meetings and seminars)
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5-9 November 2012

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The 7th Conference of The World Mycotoxin Forum[R] and the XIIIth IUPAC International Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins will be held jointly from 5-9 November 2012 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This unique combined event, WMF meets IUPAC, will build on the success of the previous conferences which were held separately all over the world.

The aim of WMF meets IUPAC is to increase awareness of human and animal health risks due to natural toxicant contamination in agricultural commodities and seafood, and of potential risk management options, technologies, and strategies for minimized contamination. The event will focus in particular on mycotoxins, phycotoxins, and plant toxins. It will provide a unique platform for the food and feed industry, regulatory authorities, and science:

* to exchange current information

* to promote the harmonization of food and feed safety regulations and control procedures

* to make recommendations for strategies enhancing the prevention and control of contamination

* to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of an adequate food and feed supply

WMF meets IUPAC will offer an excellent way to network and to share ideas, providing a reference source for anyone involved in these fields.

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