Human drug metabolism database.
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This project will lay the foundation for establishing a relational database coupled with substructure searching capability pertaining to the metabolism of xenobiotics in humans. The database will eventually be made available on the internet via a nonprofit mechanism.

Accounting for all applicable clinical data in an unbiased manner with regard to study protocols, and across all human genotypes and assessed phenotypes, the database's critical mass will allow it to be utilized to develop more accurate and meaningful human structure-metabolism relationships (hSMR). Specific aspects of the overall hSMR, in turn, can then be applied in a proprietary fashion to assist in the selection and development of new drug candidates into and through clinical testing. Equally important at this juncture, the assembly of this type of database may be the only way to assess and potentially validate the actual utility of the numerous biochemical and in vitro methods that are proliferating in this field in order to predict the metabolic fate and metabolism-associated toxicity for a new xenobiotic upon its administration to humans.


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