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Date: March, 2011 Source Volume: 37 Source Issue: 1

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WP    Identity Work: The Identity                   M. Moskos     2010
      Construction of Low Skilled

164   Men Excluded from Labour Market
      Activity in Australia

WP    Job Mismatches and Labour Market           K. Mavromaras    2010
163   Outcomes                                           et al

WP    The Minimum Wage Workforce in                   J. Healy    2010
162   Australia: Extending the Evidence

WP    Labour Supply in Australia: A                  L. Lester    2010
161   Comparison of the Behaviour Between       D. Fitzpatrick
      Partnered and Single Males and Females

WP    A Multiple Indicators and Multiple             L. Lester    2010
160   Caues (MIMIC) Model of Immigrant
      Settlement Success

WP    Immigrant Labour Market Success: An            L. Lester    2007
159   Analysis of the Index of Labour Market

WP    An Analysis of Addictive Expenditure: A        L. Lester    2006
158   Panel Data Model with Fixed Effects and
      Time Analysis

WP    Ring, Ring .... Why Don't you Leave me         D. Lowry,    2006
157   Alone'? The Impact of the Mobile Phone         M. Moskos
      on Work-Life Balance

WP    An Index of Labour Market Status               L. Lester    2006

WP    A Free Market for Labour'?                    K. Hancock    2005

WP    Immigrant Satisfaction: What is it?            L. Lester    2005
154   Does it Matter

WP    Hanging on the Mobile Phone:                     D Lowry    2005
153   Experiencing Work and Spatial                   M Moskos

WP    The Wage of the Unskilled Worker and          K. Hancock    2004
152   Family Needs, 1907 and 1920
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