About Us

SumoBrain Solutions is the company behind FPO. We have been working with patents, patent data, and tackling the problems of “big data” before the term was even popularized. SBS is most well-known through its patent properties, notably FPO. The reality is that FPO is just the tip of the iceberg in capturing the depth and breadth of the capabilities and solutions of SBS – our press release in September, 2011 and the launch of SBS’s web site is an important step in addressing this delta.

"With an impressive collection of web sites, data sets, and services, including FreePatentsOnline.com, SumoBrain.com, BioMedSearch.com, and OpenThesis.org, we needed an identity outside of our hugely popular (but primarily functional) web properties. Many people don’t realize the scope of our capabilities, data and services just from using one of our sites," said Erik Reeves, CEO.

"Providing better tools for patent search was easy for us because we had conducted 100's of patent searches and understood the challenges of the IP professional – facing scarce resources to do complex and incredibly important analysis," added James Ryley, PhD.

By leveraging FPO's years of experience with patent searching, patent data (as well as a rapidly growing collection of Non-patent literature), and its massive community of users, FPO is uniquely positioned to serve the IP community.

"We will use all of these competitive advantages to enhance the quality of deliverables for clients, while keeping costs in check," said Mr. Reeves. James Ryley, PhD spearheads the patent search services and remains a committed advocate in the IP community for the advancement of search technology and techniques.

The new site brings more visibility to the company’s commercial solutions and services – their web properties serve 100’s of millions annually, but there is a lot of brainpower and infrastructure behind the scenes. In addition to patent search, SumoBrain Solutions offers custom data services and analytics, packaged data, and IP consulting.

To learn more about SBS, please visit http://www.sumobrainsolutions.com