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293353355 The power and utility of reflective learning portfolios in honors.  
293353354 Honors dissertation abstracts: a bounded qualitative meta-study.  
293353353 If not sufficiency, at least empowerment.  
293353352 Protecting and expanding the honors budget in hard times.  
293353351 Articulating the distinctiveness of the honors learning experience.  
293353350 Can faculty afford honors?  
293353349 Costs and benefits in the economy of honors.  
293353348 Editor's introduction.  
293353347 Dedication: Herbert Lasky.  
277435743 A role for honors in conservation and biodiversity education.  
277435742 Honors thesis rubrics: a step toward more consistent and valid assessment in honors.  
277435741 The roles and activities of honors directors: similarities and differences across Carnegie Institution types.  
277435740 Moving mountains: honors as leverage for institutional change.  
277435739 The benefits of Honors Education for all college students.  
277435738 Emerging from the Honors oasis.  
277435737 Harry Potter and the Specter of Honors Accreditation.  
277435736 Conservation, experimentation, innovation, and model honors programs.  
277435735 Extra breadth and depth in undergraduate education: The Institutional Impact of an Interdisciplinary Honors Research Fellowship.  
277435734 Academically adept.  
277435733 Can the elitism of honors help students at non-elite schools?  
277435732 The Helmholtz Maneuver, or The Idea of (Honors in) a University.  
277435731 Defending the traditions by preserving the classics.  
277435730 Honors education: innovation or conservation?  
277435729 The wisdom of our elders: honors discussions in The Superior Student, 1958-65.  
277435728 Editor's introduction.  
277435727 Memorial dedication: John Howarth.  
260256155 Ethnogenesis: the construction and dynamics of the honors classroom culture.  
260256154 Assessment, accountability, and honors education.  
260256153 National survey of college and university honors programs assessment protocols.  
260256152 Honors education at HBCUs: core values, best practices, and select challenges.  
260256151 Realizing early English drama.  
260256150 The honors differential: at home and abroad.  
260256149 Faculty-led international honors programs.  
260256148 Taking it global.  
260256147 Honors in Ghana: how study abroad enriches students' lives.  
260256146 A case among cases.  
260256145 Overcoming the study abroad hype.  
260256144 Editor's introduction.  
260256143 Freddye Turner Davy.  
249685349 Honors programs in four-year institutions in the Northeast: a preliminary survey toward a national inventory of honors.  
249685348 What is expected of twenty-first-century honors students: an analysis of an integrative learning experience.  
249685347 The Balkanization of University Support Systems: FERPA's chilling effect on campuses and how honors administrators can break the ice.  
249685346 Hitting the wall.  
249685345 Honors students in crisis: four thoughts from the field.  
249685344 Listening lessons.  
249685343 "Help, I need somebody": rethinking how we conceptualize honors.  
249685342 Helping honors students in trouble.  
249685341 Crisis in the wilderness.  
249685340 Managing trouble in troubled times: a responsibility of honors.  
249685339 Editor's introduction.  
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