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208275503 Modified ratio-type estimators of the mean using extreme ranked set sampling.  
Modified ratio-type estimators of the population mean were suggested using the first or third quartiles of the auxiliary variable based on Simple Random Sampling (SRS) and Extreme Ranked Set...
208275502 On the new branch of mathematical science-part 2.  
The fifth Euclidean postulate problem in geometry is 2300 years old. This postulate is also known as Euclid's parallel postulate. The great mathematicians tried their best to deduce the fifth...
208275501 Comparison of estimators of dispersion matrix.  
Based on a sample, we considered the problem of estimating the dispersion matrix of a multivariate normal distribution with variance covariance matrix [summation]. Empirical Bayes estimators and...
208275500 Generalization of differential operator.  
The main objective of this study was to generalize a differential operator. The generalized differential operator reduced to many known operators studied by various authors. New classes containing...
208275499 K-step rational Runge-Kutta method for solution of stiff system of ordinary differential equations.  
This study described the development, analysis and implementation of K-step implicit rational Runge-Kutta schemes for solution of stiff system of ordinary differential equations. Its development...
182531004 Effect of multicollinearity on power rates of the Ordinary Least Squares estimators.  
182531003 Weyl's type theorems for quasi-class A operators.  
182531002 Power series solution for a two-step reactive-diffusive equation with variable pre-exponential factor.  
182082621 Maximum principles for second order elliptic equations in nondivergence form and applications.  
182082620 Percentile double ranked set sampling.  
182082619 A numerical algorithm for solving a one-dimensional inverse heat conduction problem.  
182082618 A new approach for solving second order ordinary differential equations.  
182082617 Framework of regression-based graph matrix analysis approach in multi-relational social network problem.  
182082616 An operator defined by convolution involving the polylogarithms functions.  
182082615 Numerical study of tsunami waves with sloping bottom and nonlinear friction.  
182082614 Integral dissipative set-valued maps.  
182082613 On Sandwich theorems of analytic functions involving Noor integral operator.  
182082612 Construction of control charts using fuzzy multinomial quality.  
182082611 Transient solution of the M/M/[C.sub.1] queue with additional [C.sub.2] servers for longer queues and balking.  
182082610 Rounding theorem the possibility of applying the cryptosystems on the decimal numbers.  
182082609 Boundary effect on Marangoni convection in a variable viscosity fluid layer.  
182082640 A theorem of hunt for semidynamical systems.  
182082639 Some algorithms to identify rational structures in stochastic processes with expectations.  
182082638 Numerical study on the effect of linear friction of long-wave propagation and breaking with sloping bottom.  
182082637 Minimizing error bounds in (0,2,3) lacunary interpolation by sextic spline function.  
182082636 On the transformation [T.sub.+m] due Gray and Clark.  
182082635 On the discretized algorithm for optimal problems constrained by differential equation with real coefficients.  
182082634 Numerical solution for Frank-Kamenetskii and activation energy parameters in reactive-diffusive equation with variable one-exponential factor.  
182082633 Variable velocity influence on the vibration of simply supported Bernoulli--Euler beam under exponentially varying magnitude moving load.  
182082632 On discrete least squares polynomial fit, linear spaces and data classification.  
182082631 On characteristic functions of first order theta function.  
182082630 Reliability parameters of a power generating system with shared load.  
182082629 On a class of nonhomogeneous fields in Hilbert space.  
182082628 A new approach to solve nonlinear partial differential equations.  
182082627 A comparative study of the performances of the OLS and some GLS estimators when stochastic regressors are both collinear and correlated with error terms.  
182082626 Measures on the quotient spaces of the integers.  
182082625 Nonparametric analysis on system availability: confidence bound and power function.  
182082624 Numerical treatment of the mathematical models for water pollution.  
182082623 The Extended Laplace Transform.  
182082622 Mathematical sophistication and differentiated emotions during Mathematical problem solving.  
168510201 A note on model selection in mixture experiments.  
168510200 Asymptotic behavior for solution of reaction-diffusion systems.  
168510199 Dynamics modelling of a plate vibrating in a perfect fluid.  
168510198 Markov property of the solution of the stochastic generalized equations.  
168510197 Detecting non-dominated extreme points for multiple objective linear programming.  
168510196 Deciding whether there is statistical independence or not?  
168510195 Optimization based heuristic approaches for solving an integrated one-dimensional cutting stock-transportation problem.  
168510194 Existence and uniqueness conditions for the maximum likelihood solution in regression models for correlated Bernoulli random variables.  
168510193 Sufficient conditions for the oscillation of solutions of some nonlinear parabolic systems.  
168510192 Cost elasticities of reliability and MTTF for k-out-of-n systems.  
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