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313012660 Setting students up for success: create the path of least resistance.  
313012659 A river of data: making the learning experience more effective.  
313012658 A Takeover Tale: Is the parent trigger ready for its close-up?  
313012657 Belmont and Fishtown Part Ways: Social disparities go largely unnoticed.  
313012656 Primer on Success: Character and knowledge make the difference.  
313012655 THE YOUNG PROFESSIONAL'S SURVIVAL GUIDE: From Cab Fares to Moral Snares.  
313012651 A double dose of algebra: intensive math instruction has long-term benefits.  
313012650 School leaders matter: measuring the impact of effective principals.  
313012649 Can digital learning transform education? Education Next talks with chester E. Finn, Jr., and Michael B. Horn.  
313012648 Newark's superintendent rolls up her sleeves and gets to work: a conversation with Cami Anderson.  
313012647 Solving America's math problem: tailor instruction to the varying needs of the students.  
313012646 The elephant in the classroom: why is diversity so hard to manage?  
313012645 Diverse charter schools: popular, controversial, and a challenge to run successfully.  
313012644 School choice marches forward: 2011 a year of new laws and new lawsuits.  
313012643 Reform agenda gains strength: the 2012 EdNext-PEPG Survey finds Hispanics give schools a higher grade than others do.  
313012642 Can carrots become sticks: Court knows coercion when it sees it.  
313012641 Are Americans losing confidence in their teachers?  
303757994 Worms for dinner: travel offers cultural enrichment for teachers.  
303757993 Game changer: might it be "social learning"?  
303757992 Grading the President: With Race to the Top, Obama earns a B+ in ed reform.  
303757991 Culture Clash: Is American education racist?  
303757990 Can teacher evaluation improve teaching? Evidence of systematic growth in the effectiveness of midcareer teachers.  
303757989 The compensation question: are public school teachers underpaid?  
303757988 Florida defeats the skeptics: test scores show genuine progress in the Sunshine State.  
303757987 Advice for education reformers: be bold! A conversation with Jeb Bush.  
303757986 Whose school buildings are they, anyway? Making public school facilities to charters.  
303757985 A new type of ed school: linking candidate success to student success.  
303757984 Capturing the dimensions of effective teaching: student achievement gains, student surveys, and classroom observations.  
303757983 Is the U.S. catching up: international and state trends in student achievement.  
303757982 Public schools and money: strategies for improving productivity in times of austerity.  
303757981 Exam schools from the inside: racially diverse, subject to collective bargaining, fulfilling a need.  
303757980 Title IX at trial: if you schedule it, will they come?  
303757979 Running in place: Americans are learning more but are not catching up to the rest of the world.  
294508599 When education reform gets personal: confessions of a policy-wonk father.  
294508598 The newsroom's view of education reform: surprise! The press paints a distorted picture.  
294508597 Hyper Hype: Will digital learning be killed by kindness?  
294508596 Best Practices Are the Worst: Picking the anecdotes you want to believe.  
294508595 Moynihan Redux: Sadly, still more single-parent families.  
294508594 Low-performing teachers have high costs.  
294508593 More evidence would be welcome.  
294508592 Profound implications for state policy.  
294508591 Implications for policy are not so clear.  
294508590 Great teaching: measuring its effects on students' future earnings.  
294508589 Do schools begin too early? The effect of start times on student achievement.  
294508588 The common core math standards: are they a step forward or backward?  
294508587 Neither broad nor bold: a narrow-minded approach to school reform.  
294508586 Michigan's chartering strategy: choice and competition are good for authorizers, too.