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140145675 Choice and Competition in American Schools.  
140145674 Learning on the Job: When Business Takes on Public Schools.  
140145673 Crash Course: Imagining a Better Future for Public Education.  
140145672 Is Bill Cosby Right? Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind?  
140145671 Color me purple: but don't mention race!  
140145670 Sex, drugs--and more sex and drugs: the new Adolescent Society.  
140145669 If the World Is Flat: why does American education go in circles?  
140145668 Friendly competition: does the presence of charters spur public schools to improve?  
140145667 World wide wonder? Measuring the (non-)impact of Internet subsidies to public schools.  
140145666 "Acting white": the social price paid by the best and brightest minority students.  
140145665 A foundation goes to school: Bill and Melinda Gates shift from computers in libraries to reform in high schools.  
140145664 The Adolescent Society: James Coleman's still-prescient insights.  
140145663 Surviving a midlife crisis: advanced placement turns fifty.  
140145662 The American high school: can it be saved?  
140145661 Private schools for the poor.  
140145660 Bloomberg's revolution.  
140145659 North Carolina charters.  
140145658 Checking NYC's facts.  
140145657 No lawsuit left behind: Chief Justice Roberts, the schoolmaster?  
140145656 High-school headache: an institution that works neither for the "talented tenth" nor those at greatest risk.  
137144693 Broken on the court: when the all-boy band visited the all-girl school.  
137144692 What America Can Learn from School Choice in Other Countries.  
137144691 The Birth of Head Start: Preschool Education Policies in the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations.  
137144690 The Charter School Dust-Up: Examining the Evidence on Enrollment and Achievement.  
137144689 America's "Failing" Schools: How Parents and Teachers Can Cope with No Child Left Behind.  
137144688 Education Myths: What Special Interest Groups Want You to Believe about Our Schools--And Why It Isn't So.  
137144687 The scream! Does children's literature have to be scary?  
137144686 God: another four-letter word?  
137144685 Libertarian liberals: when the left was (sometimes) right.  
137144684 Pseudo-science and a sound basic education: voodoo statistics in New York.  
137144683 The truths about charter schools: new research from Chicago and North Carolina.  
137144682 Making up the rules as you play the game: a conflict of interest at the very heart of NCLB.  
137144681 The new philanthropists: can their millions enhance learning?  
137144680 Private schools for the poor: education where no one expects it.  
137144679 An education mayor takes charge: the picture in New York.  
137144678 NEA sues over NCLB: the bucks are big, but the case is weak.  
137144677 The inequity of adequacy.  
137144676 Charter school melee.  
137144675 Mel Levine's brain.  
137144674 Unflagged and unequal.  
137144673 Getting the right principals.  
137144672 A tribute to John Walton.  
137144671 Looking in the wrong place: the flaw in the new federal charter school study.  
136199671 Protagonist meets antagonist: when 2nd graders "do" English lit.  
136199670 Institutions of American Democracy: The Public Schools.  
136199669 Do What Works: How Proven Practices Can Improve America's Public Schools.  
136199668 The Edison Schools: Corporate Schooling and the Assault on Public Education.  
136199667 Besieged: School Boards and the Future of Education Politics.  
136199666 Urban School Reform: Lessons from San Diego.  
136199665 America the unbelievable: a history textbook becomes a national bestseller--ha-ha!