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313344877 Nursing judgment: educating nurses to make decisions in practice.  
313344876 Law for Nurse Leaders: A Comprehensive Reference.  
313344875 Accelerated Education in Nursing: Challenges, Strategies, and Future Directions.  
313344874 Fast Facts for Developing a Nursing Academic Portfolio: What You Really Need to Know in a Nutshell.  
313344873 Disruption in higher education: massively open online courses (MOOCs).  
313344872 Building an educational model that promotes competence through innovation.  
313344871 Teaching strategies that promote a culturally sensitive nursing education.  
313344870 A quantitative approach to evaluating caring in nursing simulation.  
313344869 Barriers and strategies toward the implementation of a full-time faculty-at-a-distance nurse educator role.  
313344868 Change and administrative barriers: nurse educators' perceptions concerning the use of simulators.  
313344867 PDA-assisted simulated clinical experiences in undergraduate nursing education: a pilot study.  
313344866 Asynchronous discussion: a comparison of larger and smaller discussion group size.  
313344865 Cultural competence of practicing nurses entering an RN-BSN program.  
313344864 The use of position statements in teaching best practices in nursing.  
313344863 Program outcomes following implementation of a hybrid curriculum at the certificate level.  
313344862 Development and psychometric testing of the nursing student satisfaction scale.  
313344861 Cultural safety and nursing education in divided societies.  
313344860 The case for certification and certification research.  
313344859 Research in nursing education: a vision for the future.  
302899396 Human flourishing in nursing education: creating pathways to fulfill the person's unique potential.  
302899395 201 Careers in Nursing.  
302899394 Nursing Leadership: A Concise Encyclopedia (2nd ed.).  
302899393 The health IT pledge.  
302899392 Expanding the repertoire of teaching and learning strategies for future nurse educators: introducing interpretive pedagogies in an online graduate nurse education course.  
302899391 Collaborative testing as posttest review.  
302899390 A method resources for assessing the reliability of simulation evaluation instruments.  
302899389 Teaching nursing psychomotor skills in a fundamentals laboratory: a literature review.  
302899388 A framework of academic persistence and success for ethnically diverse graduate nursing students.  
302899387 Cultural competence: an evolutionary concept analysis.  
302899386 An initial investigation of the applicability of the dreyfus skill acquisition model to the professional development of nurse educators.  
302899385 Developing reflective writing as effective pedagogy.  
302899384 Using national league for nursing accrediting commission standards and criteria.  
302899383 Nurse educator perceptions of structural empowerment and innovative behavior.  
302899382 Creating and launching innovative nursing education programs: perils and pearls.  
302899381 Building the science of nursing education research.  
302899380 Building innovative curricula for academic progression.  
300544270 Findings from the Annual Survey of Schools of Nursing Academic Year 2010-2011: NLN survey finds unremitting demand for entry into programs while student demographics continue to shift.  
300544269 Human Simulation for Nursing and Health Professions.  
300544268 Mastering Precepting: A Nurse's Handbook for Success.  
300544267 A Nuts-and-Bolts Approach to Teaching Nursing (4th ed.).  
300544266 The nursing educational highway in action: results of a needs assessment and the formation of a collaborative workgroup.  
300544265 Shaping how graduate nursing students write.  
300544264 The transition to online teaching as experienced by nurse educators.  
300544263 Using low-fidelity simulation with sophomore nursing students in a baccalaureate nursing program.  
300544262 Making it meaningful: teaching public health nursing through academic-community partnerships in a baccalaureate curriculum.  
300544261 Transition to the tenure track for nurse faculty with young children: a case study.  
300544260 Focus on retention: identifying barriers to nurse faculty satisfaction.  
300544259 Faculty support for ESL nursing students: action plan for success.  
300544258 Evidence for teaching: what are faculty using?  
300544257 Looking is not seeing and listening is not hearing: effect of an intervention to enhance auditory skills of graduate-entry nursing students.