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301282216 High-level blueprint for private sector information governance programs.  
301282215 Effective information governance is power.  
301282214 Smartphone technologies shine spotlight on information governance: to address strategic planning issues, collaborate more effectively with IT personnel, and position records and information management (RIM) for greater organizational success, RIM professionals must stay current with technological changes. Communications technologies--and smartphones, in particular--have changed the way business is done.  
301282213 ARMA International buyer's guide: vendors at your fingertips.  
301282212 DHS Worldwide Software Solutions. Total Recall information management software.  
301282211 ARMA International 2012 Conference & Expo: September 23-25, Chicago.  
301282210 Your information governance: join industry analyst Barclay T. Blair in video whitepaper, sponsored by RSD.  
301282209 Drawing a blueprint for a scalable taxonomy: drawing on the basic concepts of biological classification most studied in high school, this article describes how to develop a scalable taxonomy that can migrate to any content repository--from share drives to enterprise content management systems.  
301282208 Future watch: strategies for long-term preservation of electronic records.  
301282207 It's most important role: ensuring information integrity.  
301282206 White House proposes consumer bill of rights.  
301282205 Courts rule for, against hard drive decryption.  
301282204 Search firms to mine tweets.  
301282203 Megaupload shutdown reveals cloud risk.  
301282202 Supreme Court: GPS tracker violated privacy.  
301282201 Closed-loop records management: the stakes are too high to ignore.  
301282200 Employers, colleges demand Facebook passwords.  
301282199 China issues data protection regulation.  
301282198 Videoconferencing vulnerable, security expert says.  
301282197 Coming soon: Google glasses.  
301282196 NY court: producing party should pay discovery costs.  
301282195 Stolen NASA laptop breached, IG says.  
301282194 Ikea paid firm to spy on customers, staff.  
301282193 ERA costs may hit $1b, GAO says.  
301282192 Judge issues opinion on computer-assisted review.  
301282191 NY courts push statewide e-filing.  
301282190 IBM researchers store a bit on 12 atoms.  
301282189 EHRs: now there's an app for that.  
301282188 Watchdogs criticize new Google privacy policy.  
301282187 NARA may miss declassification deadline.  
301282186 Conn. high court: public universities can withhold records.  
301282185 Mobile usage raises information governance, data security concerns.  
301384163 ARMA International Buyer's Guide: Vendors at Your Fingertips.  
301384162 DHS Worldwide Software Solutions: Total Recall Information Management Software.  
301384161 Zasio Enterprises, Inc.: Versatile Express: Versatile Professional.  
301384160 San Jose State University: Master Your Digital Skills.  
301384159 RSD.  
301384158 Creating successful virtual teams in a new age.  
301384157 Audit to ensure RIM program health, growth: auditing your RIM program regularly can ensure its good health, the direction and focus for its continued growth, and its ultimate maturity.  
301384156 Drawing a new battle plan for conquering key information risks.  
301384155 Smoothing the turbulence: Project Management strategies for the changing workplace.  
301384154 GARP[R]: a tool to drive internal auditing.  
301384153 Facebook punished for privacy shortcomings.  
301384152 Kenya to adopt e-records system.  
301384151 Judge: warrantless cell phone tracking illegal.  
301384150 Google calls for new online data rules.  
301384149 Penn State exempt from open records laws.  
301384148 Treasury Dept. retools FOIA process.  
301384147 BP says Halliburton destroyed evidence.  
301384146 Canada-U.S. announce new border info-sharing plan.