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186271095 Rediscovering the Natural Law in Reformed Theological Ethics.  
186271094 Globalization and Catholic Social Thought: Present Crisis, Future Hope.  
186271093 Refined Consequentialism: The Moral Theory of Richard A. McCormick.  
186271092 Evangelicals in the Public Square: Carl F. H. Henry, Abraham Kuyper, Francis Schaeffer, John Howard Yoder.  
186271091 Who Is My Neighbor? Personalism and the Foundations of Human Rights.  
186271090 Can social justice be achieved? From Aristotle to Friedrich Hayek: Bertrand de Jouvenel's analysis of the Desirability and Possibility of a Just Social Order.  
186271089 Intersubjectivity, subjectivism, social sciences, and the Austrian school of economics.  
186271088 A "marketless world"? An examination of wealth and exchange in the gospels and first-century Palestine.  
186271087 The fiscal and tributary philosophy of Antonio Rosmini.  
186271086 The claim for secularization as a contemporary utopia.  
186271085 Ideas, associations, and the making of good cities.  
186271084 The price of freedom: Consumerism and liberty in secular research and Catholic teaching.  
186271083 Raymond de Roover's enduring contribution to economic history.  
186469569 Introduction.  
186469568 Corporate welfare.  
186469567 The high price of low ethics: how corruption imperils American entrepreneurship and democracy.  
186469566 The importance of the penultimate: reformed social thought and the contemporary critiques of the liberal society.  
186469565 The vision of Deuteronomy 15 with regard to poverty, socialism, and capitalism.  
186469564 On Limited Public Power (Book 1, Chapter 33).  
186469563 On Public Power in General (Book 1, Chapter 32).  
186469562 On the Individual, Principal Law (Book 1, Chapter 14).  
186469561 On Common Law (Book 1, Chapter 13).  
186469560 Preface.  
186469559 The Dicaeologicae.  
186469558 Germany's social market economy and the new systems competition.  
186469557 God and the Evil of Scarcity: Moral Foundations of Economic Agency.  
186469556 The New Globalization: Reclaiming the Lost Ground of Our Christian Social Tradition.  
186469555 Economy of Grace.  
186469554 Leo Strauss and the Theologico-Political Problem.  
186469553 Ethical beliefs in the Catholic business school: the impact of Catholic social teaching on classroom reality.  
186469552 Why I, Too, Am Not a Conservative: The Normative Vision of Classical Liberalism.  
186469551 The Redemption of Love: Rescuing Marriage and Sexuality from the Economics of a Fallen World.  
186469550 Economy and Morality: The Philosophy of the Welfare State.  
186469549 The Ethics of the Market.  
186469548 The Consciousness of the Litigator.  
186469547 Economic Compulsion and Christian Ethics.  
186469546 The Moral Ecology of Markets: Assessing Claims About Markets and Justice.  
186469545 Rediscovering Abundance: Interdisciplinary Essays on Wealth, Income, and Their Distribution in the Catholic Social Tradition.  
186469544 Liberty for Latin America.  
186469543 A lost opportunity: the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church--a review essay.  
186469542 Family Capitalism: Wendels, Haniels, Falcks, and the Continental European Model.  
186469541 Political Economy and Christian Theology Since the Enlightenment: Essays in Intellectual History.  
186469540 Trust and Entrepreneurship: A West-East Perspective.  
186469539 The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success.  
186469538 El Pensamiento Filosofico de Keynes: Descubrir la Melodia.  
186271082 The Escape from Hunger and Premature Death, 1700-2100: Europe, America, and the Third World.  
186271081 The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth.  
186271080 Earthly Powers: Religion and Politics in Europe from the French Revolution to the Great War.  
186271079 The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility.  
186271078 Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream.