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255840892 Teaching the Ethical Foundations of Economics.  
255840891 Toward a Theology of Work.  
255840890 They Are Us: Lutherans and Immigration.  
255840889 Rethinking Rights: Historical, Political, and Philosophical Perspectives.  
255840888 Christian Theology and Market Economics.  
255840887 The Heart of Catholic Social Teaching: Its Origins and Contemporary Significance.  
255840886 How should Christians be stewards of art? A surresponse to Nathan Jacobs.  
255840885 How should Christians be stewards of art? A response to Calvin Seerveld.  
255840884 How should Christians be Stewards of art? A response to Nathan Jacobs.  
255840883 How should Christians be stewards of art?  
255840882 Review essay: "Are Economists Basically Immoral?" and other essays on economics, ethics, and religion Paul Heyne.  
255840881 Property, ethics, and God.  
John R. Schneider (2005) encourages Christians to engage in consumer capitalism by extravagantly consuming. Schneider's position is in sharp contrast to church tradition. He justifies his position...
255840880 Getting into hot water: evangelicals and global warming.  
Since 2000 various evangelical groups and denominations have published significant statements on the issue of global warming. While there are major areas of disagreement, most notably about...
255840879 Taxation and legal plunder in the thought of Frederic Bastiat.  
The difference between just taxation and legal plunder is an important question for Christian ethics, dating back at least to Augustine, who raises the question of the difference between...
255840878 Why the market? Markets as social and moral spaces.  
Critics of the market worry that as it expands the communal sphere declines. They also worry that the market encourages vice and has little or no scope for virtue. As I argue, however, the critics...
255840877 C. S. Lewis and the meaning of freedom.  
Although C. S. Lewis, the great Christian apologist and author of the Chronicles of Narnia was not a political scientist, a thorough study of his apologetics and fictional writings reveal a...
255840876 The clergy and economists: two windows on common objectives.  
Members of the clergy and economists form their understandings of the world by examining it through different windows. Yet, I argue that the differences between them, though important, are less...
255840875 What does "subsidiarity" mean? The relational perspective.  
The focus of this article will not be on either the historical or political debate surrounding the concept of subsidiarity, which are important topics in themselves. Instead I will discuss the...
255840874 Editorial: a legacy of stewardship.  
211236264 Insights into Game Theory.  
211236263 Friends of the Unrighteous Mammon: Northern Christians and Market Capitalism, 1815-1860.  
211236262 Calculated Futures: Theology, Ethics, and Economics.  
211236261 Sourcebook in Late-Scholastic Monetary Theory.  
211236260 A Recipe for Balanced Tort Reform: Early Offers with Swift Settlements.  
211236259 Lessons from the Poor: Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit.  
211236258 Corporate Governance and Ethics: An Aristotelian Perspective.  
211236257 Blubberland: The Dangers of Happiness.  
211236256 Unjust Deserts: How the Rich Are Taking Our Common Inheritance.  
211236255 Wealth and Poverty in Early Church and Society.  
211236254 Ethics Without God? The Divine in Contemporary Moral and Political Thought.  
211236253 After Modernity? Secularity, Globalization, and the Re-enchantment of the World.  
211236252 A Promised Land, a Perilous Journey: Theological Perspectives on Migration.  
211236251 Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire.  
211236250 Magnanimity: Aquinas' examination of the aristocratic virtue.  
According to Aristotle, a man's economic and political status characterizes him in one of two ways: common or wealthy. Both classes possess the capacity to acquire all of the moral virtues (except...
211236249 Concordats today: from the Second Vatican Council to John Paul II.  
In U.S. journals, the attention for concordats, that is, the agreements between Church and state that regulate matters of common interest, is not commensurate to the importance that this...
211236248 Christ and business culture: another classification of Christians in workplaces according to an empirical study in Hong Kong.  
We propose a new classification of Christians based on their levels of internal struggle and subsequent behaviors upon dealing with ethical issues in the workplace: Christian soldiers, panic...
211236247 Poverty, dignity, economic development, and the catholic church.  
This article analyzes Catholic social teaching on poverty and economic development, with a special emphasis on Costa Rica.
211236246 Social justice and economic order according to natural law.  
Social justice is a controversial notion that emerged in political debates in the nineteenth century. It subsequently began to interest and be used by economists, but its meaning crucially depends...
211236245 The violence of aggregation: Amartya Sen's possibility of social choice.  
This article is about how Amartya Sen seeks to reconcile the individual-collective problem of social choice through an aggregation, not an individuation, of preferences. Sen seeks an optimistic...
211236244 Corporate virtue and the joint-stock company.  
This article traces the historical evolution of the notion of the "virtuous corporation," from its origins as a public-spirited fellowship to the modern joint-stock company kept in check by the...
211236243 Subsidiarity and the just wage: implications of catholic social teaching for the minimum-wage debate.  
Catholic social teaching is frequently cited in support of minimum-wage legislation. Yet the principle of subsidiarity--that a higher association should not interfere with the legitimate...
211236242 Protestant social thought.  
211236216 Appendix to Psalm 15: concerning usury.  
211236215 Appendix to Psalm 15: concerning the oath.  
211236214 Psalm 15.  
211236213 Introduction: Wolfgang Musculus on Christian Righteousness, Oaths, and Usury.  
211236212 The Mystery of Capital and the Construction of Social Reality.  
211236211 History of Economic Thought as an Intellectual Discipline.  
211236210 Entrepreneurship and Economic Progress.  
211236209 New Perspectives on Adam Smith's The Theory of Moral Sentiments.