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282824649 Finn's "nine libertarian heresies" and Mueller's first lemma: economists complain exactly insofar as they are unable to explain.  
282824648 "Nine libertarian heresies"--a response to Daniel K. Finn.  
282824647 Nine libertarian heresies tempting neoconservative catholics to stray from Catholic social thought.  
282824646 Review essay: the philosophical foundations of Bavinck and Dooyeweerd.  
282824645 The two kingdoms and the social order: political and legal theory in light of God's covenant with Noah.  
Many Reformed writers before and into the twentieth century viewed broader cultural activity, particularly political and legal life, through a doctrine of the two kingdoms. This doctrine asserts...
282824644 Taming the beast: the long and Hard Road to the Christian Social Conference of 1952.  
During the second half of the nineteenth century, the Netherlands was confronted with the social and political integration of the working and middle classes. The contribution of Protestantism to...
282824643 Syb Talma: a Dutch Christian Socialist.  
Inspired by the London harbor strike of 1889, Syb Talma went from being a young, Dutch Reformed pastor of the ethical theological school to actively advocating for workers' rights in the late...
282824642 Marching for morals: early struggles in the Dutch Christian worker movement.  
This article explores three moral conflicts that lie at the heart of the history of the Christian worker movement in the second half of the nineteenth century. First, the tension between an...
282824641 Caritas in Veritate and the market economy: how do we reconcile traditional Christian ethics with economic analysis of social systems?  
Benedict XVI's encyclical on globalization Caritas in Veritate has aroused a great deal of interest for its theological framework and position on particular public policy issues. The interest also...
282824640 Benedict XVI as social realist in Caritas in Veritate.  
Some doubt whether a pope can articulate, even for Christians, a coherent social vision. However, scholars dealing with political, social, and economic concerns benefit from an exposition of...
282824639 Continuity and res novae in the encyclical letter Caritas in Veritate.  
Although Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Caritas in Veritate (CV) has largely been viewed as treating globalization, this article shows that CV is much more than a globalization encyclical. First,...
282824638 The pontificate of Leo XIII (1878-1903) and the encyclical Rerum Novarum.  
Beginning with Leo XIII, a growing body of "social doctrine" was developed in keeping with world events in those fields, always faithful to the values of freedom, truth, justice, love, and peace....
282824637 Settling the "social question": three variants of modern Christian social thought.  
This article examines three historic Christian responses to the "social question" prominent in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Christian social thought: the sovereignty, the Thomist,...
282824636 Modern Christian social thought.  
266630087 Selection from on the observation of the Mosaic polity.  
266630086 Adam Smith and the Economy of the Passions.  
266630085 Entrepreneurship and Religion.  
266630084 Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Health Care, Deficits, and More.  
266630083 The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.  
266630082 Values-Based Multinational Management: Achieving Sustainability Through a Human Rights Strategy.  
266630081 Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale: The Moral Limit of Markets.  
266630080 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Twenty-First Century.  
266630079 New Financial Horizons: The Emergence of an Economy of Communion.  
266630078 The Battle: How the Fight Between Free Enterprise and Big Government Will Shape America's Future.  
266630077 The Gospel and Globalization: Exploring the Religious Roots of a Globalized World.  
266630076 Ministers of the Law: A Natural-Law Theory of Legal Authority.  
266630075 Why Business Matters to God (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed).  
266630074 Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition.  
266630073 Faith in Politics: Religion and Liberal Democracy.  
266630072 The True Wealth of Nations.  
266630071 Calling in the theology of work.  
266630070 Contemporary research in religion, politics, and economics.  
266630069 In praise of industry: early nineteenth-century concepts of work.  
266630068 A creature among creatures or Lord of creation? The vocation of dominion in Christian theology.  
266630067 Vocation: the theology of the Christian life.  
266630066 Introduction: Theology of work consultation.  
266630065 Review essay: a liberal "welfare conservative" boldly explains why nineteenth-century popes are relevant to twenty-first-century welfare reform.  
266630064 James M. Buchanan on the ethics of public debt and default.  
When James M. Buchanan began work in the 1940s, he enthusiastically adopted the prevailing positivistic methodology. Over the next forty years, his attachment to positivism weakened and, in his...
266630063 The political economy of economic education: the moral dimensions.  
When economics is taught, the moral dimensions of markets are commonly ignored. The result is that superficial, misleading, and highly emotional views on the morality of markets are given free...
266630062 Social choice: the neighborhood effect.  
Politicians typically motivate public policy changes by suggesting that social welfare improves as a result of the policy. While much debate surrounds the best delineation for a social welfare...
266630061 A theology of incorporation with limited liability.  
Those involved in business have long sought to limit their liability, either in specific contracts or, generally, for the risks they face. The widespread availability of general limited liability...
266630060 Caritas in Veritate, hybrid firms, and institutional arrangements.  
Pope Benedict XVI's recent encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, calls for businesses to play a role in authentic human development. One of the pope's ideas is for firms to pursue both profits and...
266630059 Labor economics and the development of papal social encyclicals.  
Catholic social teaching has been the subject of debate among Catholics and non-Catholics alike for over a century. Some laissez-faire-oriented economists find that ideas found in the papal social...
266630058 Intergenerational ethics and economics.  
255655782 General Biblical Principles and the Relevance of Concrete Mosaic Law for the Social Question Today (1891).  
255655781 Herman Bavinck's contribution to Christian social consciousness.  
255655780 Foundations of Economics: A Christian View.  
255655779 Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue.  
255655778 Elgar Companion to Adam Smith.  
255655777 Wilhelm Ropke's Political Economy.