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186469662 The economic personalism of John Paul II: neither right nor left.  
186469661 Centesimus Annus and the renewal of culture.  
186469660 Controversy: does the free market undermine culture? A response to D. Eric Schansberg.  
186469659 Church and Revolution: Catholics in the Struggle for Democracy and Social Justice.  
186469658 Karol Wojtyla: The Thought of the Man Who Became Pope John Paul II.  
186469657 Champions of the Poor: The Economic Consequences of Judeo-Christian Values.  
186469656 A short history of economics as a moral science.  
186469482 Truth in economic subjectivism.  
186469481 The Late-Scholastic and Austrian link to modern Catholic economic thought.  
186469480 The Judeo-Christian foundation of human dignity, personal liberty, and the concept of the person.  
186469479 Economic religion versus Christian values.  
186469478 The Economics of Bertrand de Jouvenel.  
186469477 Controversy: is economics a moral science? A Response to Peter J. Boettke.  
186469476 Controversy: is economics a moral science?  
186469475 Abraham Kuyper: A Centennial Reader.  
186469474 Rational Choice and Moral Agency.  
186469473 Controversy: is economics a moral science? A response to Ricardo F. Crespo.  
186469472 The necessity of free trade.  
186469471 The principle of subsidiarity and freedom in the family, church, market, and government.  
186469655 Misesian praxeology and Christian philosophy.  
186469654 Matrimony and microeconomics a critique of Gary Becker's analysis of marriage.  
186469653 Controversy: are antitrust laws immoral? A response to Kenneth G. Elzinga.  
186469652 Controversy: are antitrust laws immoral?  
186469651 The need for economic personalism.  
186469650 Controversy: are antitrust laws immoral? A response to Jeffrey Tucker.  
186469649 The Social Encyclicals of John Paul II.  
186469648 Abraham Kuyper and the Holland-America Line of Liberty.