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198472014 Using WebCT as a supplemental tool to enhance critical thinking and engagement among developmental reading students.  
198472013 Editorial comments.  
188062766 Transformative teaching in a developmental reading program.  
188062765 Cyber "Pokes": motivational antidote for developmental college readers.  
188062764 Effects of a self-regulated learning course on the academic performance and graduation rate of college students in an academic support program.  
188062763 The effects of a computerized-algebra program on mathematics achievement of college and university freshmen enrolled in a developmental mathematics course.  
188062762 Women in calculus: the effects of a supportive setting.  
179241352 Outlaw tutoring: editing and proofreading revisited.  
179241351 College students' with learning disabilities personal reactions to online learning.  
179241350 The efficacy of rereading as a metacognitive tool for reading comprehension monitoring.  
179241349 Supplemental Practice and diagnostic assessment in an Applied College Algebra Course.  
171686944 A matter of style: applying Kolb's learning style model to college mathematics teaching practices.  
171686943 How explicit instruction makes a difference: metadiscourse markers and EFL learners' reading comprehension skill.  
171686942 A glossary of developmental education and learning assistance terms.  
171686941 The debate is on for a new name: College Learning Association.  
165429605 Advice about the use of learning styles: a major myth in education.  
165429604 Online collaborative case study learning.  
165429603 Vocabulary development and performance on multiple-choice exams in large entry-level courses.  
165429602 Comparison of the efficiency of reading comprehension strategies on Iranian university students' comprehension.  
165429601 Self-determination and success outcomes of two-year college students with disabilities.  
165429600 Assessing our commitment to multiculturalism: student perspectives.  
155664289 Peer mentoring in postsecondary education: implications for research and practice.  
155664288 Postsecondary reading: what writing center tutors need to know.  
155664287 Developing a predictor of university students' course grades using curriculum-based measurement: an initial investigation.  
155664286 The effect of text format upon underachieving first year college students' self-efficacy for reading and subsequent reading comprehension.  
155664285 Study strategies and generative learning: what works?  
140523210 Preparing educators for online writing instruction: principles and processes.  
140523209 Meeting the needs of developmental Latino/Latina students.  
140523208 Developmental college student self-regulation: results from two measures.  
140523207 An exploratory investigation of structured writing strategy training for African-American college students with learning disabilities.  
140523206 Reading miscues of college students with and without learning disabilities.  
140523205 Gender differences in reading strategy use among ESL college students.  
140523204 Editorial comments.  
135000178 Practical applications of the research on epistemological beliefs.  
135000177 Terms of endearment: words that define and guide developmental education.  
135000176 Assessing academic support: the effects of tutoring on student learning outcomes.  
135000175 Parallel note-taking: a strategy for effective use of Webnotes.  
135000174 African American college students' perceptions of their high school literacy preparation.  
135000173 The validity of using a content-specific reading comprehension test for college placement.  
126387136 National conferences of note.  
126387135 The Pedagogy of Possibilities: developmental education, college-level studies, and learning communities.  
126387134 Spelling abilities of university students in developmental writing classes.  
126387133 The educational storytelling project: three approaches to cross-curricular learning.  
126387132 The effectiveness of strategic reading instruction for college developmental readers.  
126387131 The relationship of self-efficacy, identity style, and stage of change with academic self-regulation.  
126387130 Defining developmental college readers and learners.  
126387141 Genre, medium, and learning to write: negotiating identities, enacting school-based literacies in adulthood.  
126387140 Assessing our commitment to providing a multicultural learning experience.  
126387139 Self-monitoring strategies used by developmental and non-developmental college students.  
126387138 "I'm not doing as well in this class as I'd like to": exploring achievement motivation and personality.  
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