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169308068 Capital mobility in African countries: evidence from panel data cointegration tests.  
169308067 Government spending and private consumption among select African countries: a panel data approach.  
169308066 Altruism in child custody decisions: theory and logistic regression evidence.  
169308024 "Applied General Equilibrium Analysis of India's Tax and Trade Policy".  
169308023 "A Disequilibrium Macro-econometric Model for Indian Economy".  
169308022 "Economic Globalization and Asia".  
169308021 Exports and economic growth in India: cointegration, causality and error-correction modeling: a note.  
169308020 Assessment of the risk management potential of a rainfall based insurance index and rainfall options in Andhra Pradesh, India.  
169308019 Financial distress in small and medium-sized enterprises in Jamaica: a note.  
169308018 Growth and pattern of intra-industry trade in manufactures in India's overall trade: a quantitative analysis.  
169308017 The dynamics of Bombay stock, US stock and London gold markets.  
169308016 Stability of the US money demand function: tests and evidence.  
169308015 Implications of environmental and cultural factors on the growth in requirements of in-house software professionals.  
169308014 Global pistachio production and marketing challenges.  
169308013 Asset pricing simultaneity, three-factor model and cost analysis.  
169308012 A new approach to hedge fund classification.  
169308011 Financial developments in India: should India introduce capital account convertibility?  
169308010 Financial sector reforms and state of the Indian economy (1): Part II.  
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