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256603006 Advertising likeability and its effectiveness.  
256603005 Is direction of trade responsible for wage inequality in India? An empirical verification.  
256603004 The experience of SAARC as a regional block and its future potentialities.  
256603003 From IT to BSC: the importance of culture in implementing a performance measurement system in Croatia.  
256603002 A time-series investigation of the impact of corporate and personal current taxes on economic growth in the U.S.  
256603001 Looking for and finding 'the next big thing" bringing virtual team concepts to the executive MBA and MBA classrooms: a reprise.  
256603000 Indian reforms: yesterday and today.  
248092331 R. Radhakrishna, and Shovan Ray (2005): Handbook of Poverty in India: Perspectives, Policies, and Programmes.  
248092330 Financial Armageddon: Protecting Your Future from Four Impending Catastrophes.  
248092329 Scroogenomics: Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for the Holidays.  
248092328 Fueling China's growing automobile density rate: some back-of-the-envelope calculations for the 2030-2050 interval.  
248092327 An assessment of environmental impact of coalmines on the local inhabitants: a case study of North Eastern Coalfields, Margherita, Assam.  
248092326 A survey of economic measures of freight reliability and security.  
248092325 OECD GDP, exchange rate and exports performance of India in the post reform period: an empirical analysis.  
248092324 The Small Industries Development Bank of India: a retrospective on SME financing.  
248092323 Analyzing India's intra-industry trade in post-liberalization era.  
248092322 Gender development index--an interstate analysis of India.  
248092321 Earnings quality and perceived auditor independence: irrelevance of nonaudit services time period.  
248092320 Implications of global financial and economic crisis on FDI flows: the Indian perspective.  
248092319 Using GIS to identify new venture opportunity.  
248092318 Inflation and income inequality in Kenya.  
248092317 The behaviour of stock prices in the Nigerian capital market: a Markovian analysis.  
248092316 A re-look at sectoral linkages in more recent Indian data.  
248092315 The economics of BT cotton production in India--a meta analysis.  
237941309 Margie Parikh & Rajen Gupta, Organisational Behaviour.  
237941308 R. Radhakrishna and Shovan Ray (2005) Handbook of Poverty in India: Perspectives, Policies, and Programmes.  
237941307 A GARCH model approach to capital, market volatility: the case of India.  
237941306 Improving the critical financial infrastructure in Bangladesh.  
237941305 Impact and implications of global, economic crisis on human development.  
237941304 Special economic zones in India: following well trodden paths.  
237941303 Real, and monetary determination of real, exchange rate behaviour: a developing country perspective.  
237941302 Policy framework for multinational, corporations in India-a historical, perspective.  
237941301 Money and other determinants of inflation: the case of Tanzania.  
237941300 Trade liberalization, wage discrimination and inequalities in Indian manufacturing industry.  
237941299 Consumption pattern in India: estimation of expenditure elasticities for commodity groups (1950-51 to 2007-08).  
237941298 W. Arthur Lewis on India: a selective survey.  
237941297 Long run causal relationship between interest rate and general price level under deregulated regime in Nigeria.  
280196301 The impact of Colorado's enterprise zones program on unemployment rate, per capita income and poverty rate for zone residents.  
280196300 EU-India intra-industry trade (2000-2008).  
280196299 7 point HRMS.  
280196298 Qualitative elements of relational exchanges and their impact on the implementation of purchasing marketing strategies--case of Slovenia.  
280196297 Antecedents of employee attrition in BPO industry.  
280196296 Successful design, development and delivery of online courses: lessons from operations management and global leadership.  
280196295 Economic liberalization, fiscal performance, government debt and tax reforms: Indian experience.  
280196294 Money supply and output variations in India in the pre-reform and post-reform period.  
280196293 Global supply chain strategies for SMBS.  
280196292 Persistence in New Zealand growth mutual funds returns: an examination of New Zealand mutual funds from 1997-2003.  
280196291 Financial linkages and performance of rural microfinance cooperatives: Tanzanian case.  
280196290 Trade, foreign direct investment and economic growth in selected South Asian countries.  
280196289 Kautilya on famine, fairness and freedom.  
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