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311717617 International diversification: the impact of ownership structure, the market for corporate control and board independence.  
* International diversification can have both benefits and costs. In this paper, we argue that a firm's level of international diversification depends not only upon firm-specific characteristics...
311717616 Political institutional change, obsolescing legitimacy, and multinational corporations the case of the Central American banana industry.  
* This paper studies the practice of integration of influential host country actors to a multinational corporation as a strategy to decrease problems of legitimacy to the foreign firm before the...
311717615 Progressive focusing and trustworthiness in qualitative research: the enabling role of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS).  
* The business and management community increasingly recognises that qualitative research is a 'messy', non-linear and often unpredictable undertaking. Yet, a considerable proportion of...
311717614 The effects of legal, normative, and cultural-cognitive institutions on innovation in technology alliances.  
* Adopting an institutional lens, this paper examines the interaction between different levels of legal, normative and cultural-cognitive institutions on the level of innovation associated with...
311717613 Markets and networks in international trade: on the role of distances in globalization.  
* The enduring importance of geographic distance as an impediment to international trade has recently become recognized as an empirical fact in need of explanation. According to one line of...
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306598026 Does centralising global account management activities in response to international retailers pay off?  
306598025 International activities of emerging market firms: a critical assessment of research in top international management journals.  
306598024 Stopford and wells were right! MNC matrix structures do fit a "high-high" strategy: in memoriam for Professor John Stopford (1940-2011), pioneer of international strategy-structure research.  
306598023 Foreign direct investment vs. foreign portfolio investment: the effect of the governance environment.  
306598022 The diorama: the impact of gender and ethnic 'native categories' on cross-cultural management in a post-acquisition automobile manufacturer.  
301282443 What do HR managers really do? HR roles on international projects.  
301282442 Cross-national differences in managers' creativity promoting values.  
301282441 Climate and work values: a comparison of cold, warm, and hot regions in China.  
301282440 Rethinking the institutional contexts of emerging markets through metaphor analysis.  
301282439 Home region focus and technical efficiency of multinational enterprises: the moderating role of regional integration.  
297039306 Zhang, W., Wang, H., Alon, I., Entrepreneurial and Business Elites of China: The Chinese Returnees Who Have Shaped Modern China.  
297039305 Mediating effects in reverse knowledge transfer processes: the case of knowledge-intensive services in the U.K.  
297039304 Born-globals and culturally proximate markets.  
297039303 Does national context affect target firm employees' trust in acquisitions? A policy-capturing study.  
297039302 The impact of national economic culture and country-level institutional environment on corporate governance practices: theory and empirical evidence.  
297039301 Response style differences in cross-national research: dispositional and situational determinants.  
297039300 Ranking international business institutions and faculty members using research publication as the measure: update and extension of prior research.  
288688857 The impact of turbulent events on knowledge acquisition: comparison of cross-border acquisitions formed before and after the crisis.  
288688856 Knowledge mobility in cross-border buyer-supplier relationships.  
288688855 Do overseas R&D laboratories in emerging markets contribute to home knowledge creation? An extension of the double diamond model.  
288688854 Firm specific advantage in developed markets dynamic capability perspective.  
288688853 Cross-regional patenting: a signal of enhancement for innovation competence or market entry?  
288688852 Acquisitions by EMNCs in developed markets: an organisational learning perspective.  
288688851 Product diversification and international expansion of business groups: evidence from India.  
288688850 EMNEs and knowledge-seeking FDI.  
288688849 Multinationals and the changing rules of competition: new challenges for IB research.  
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286253907 Why do firms engage in national sustainability programs and transparent sustainability reporting? Evidence from Mexico's Clean Industry Program.  
286253906 Adoption of practices by subsidiaries and institutional interaction within internationalised small- and medium-sized enterprises.  
286253905 Forgiving features for failed entrepreneurs vs. cost of financing in bankruptcies.  
286253904 Multinationality-performance relationship a meta-analysis.  
286253903 Organizing the modern firm in the worldwide market for market transactions.  
286253902 Acknowledgement to MIR board members and ad-hoc reviewers.  
275919379 Global mobility in the 21st century conceptualising expatriate return on investment in global firms.  
275919378 The impact of cultural distance on bilateral arm's length exports: an international business perspective.  
275919376 Risk and uncertainty in internationalisation and international entrepreneurship studies: review and conceptual development.  
275919375 Knowledge and strategy creation in multinational companies: social-identity frames and temporary tension in knowledge combination.  
275919374 Mode combinations and international operations: theoretical issues and an empirical investigation.  
275919373 Advancing new theory development in the field of international management: contributing factors, investigative approach, and proposed topics.  
275919372 Fifty years of international business theory and beyond.  
275919370 50 years of Management International Review and IB/IM research: an inventory and some suggestions for the field's development.  
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271050528 Predictors of individual knowledge acquisition commitment in a post-soviet setting.