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311852651 Long way 'round? Or short cut?  
311852650 Members on the move: ACPE members advancing their careers.  
311852649 Welcome new ACPE members!  
311852648 ACPE online poll finds support for Romney's Medicare plan.  
311852647 Degree program focused on improving patient safety, quality.  
311852646 Health policy update: smart card Medicare pilot program, IOM's Best Care and NQF's Stand for Quality.  
311852645 Introducing Communicating 2.0: Effective Strategies.  
311852644 Second Edition of Leading Physicians Through Change Now Available.  
311852643 ACPE accepting applications for 2013 Leape Ahead Award.  
311852642 ACPE joins in AQA meeting.  
311852641 ACPE to offer shorter, more interactive online courses.  
311852640 Moving toward next year.  
311852639 Physician leaders should embrace patient engagement/activation.  
311852638 Tips for recruiting and retaining the best physicians.  
311852637 Understanding the legislative and regulatory climate for medical errors.  
311852636 Two keys to deliver Better Care and measure quality: pod implementation & dashboards.  
311852635 Tying credentialing to health care technology.  
311852634 Dealing with the aging physician--advocacy or betrayal?  
311852633 Finding the right schedule for post-graduate medical education: what's the best answer?  
311852632 Physician stress and burnout: what can we do?  
311852631 Behavioral-based physician interviewing.  
311852630 The physician leader's role in bridging the culture gap.  
311852629 Prepared for the Worst: the Aurora, Colorado, shootings.  
311852628 Leading Physicians through Change: ACPE's best seller, Leading Physicians through Change, has been updated and improved!  
311852627 Dear editor.  
303352586 Bruce Monaco.  
303352585 Johnathan M. Lancaster.  
303352584 Donald E. Casey.  
303352583 Claude Brunson.  
303352582 Fred G. Bromberg.  
303352581 Spencer Borden.  
303352580 Gregory Bentz.  
303352579 ACPE Summer Institute draws first-timers.  
303352578 Poll finds 60 percent of physician leaders support Supreme Court decision on ACA.  
303352577 A friend and mentor moves on: Barbara Linney retires from ACPE.  
303352576 An update on the ACPE strategic goals.  
303352575 Will the quantified self movement take off in health care?  
303352574 Am I directing or micromanaging?  
303352573 Personality traits of a disruptive physician.  
303352572 How are we going to pay for health care?  
303352571 Health Care Quality: The Clinician's Primer.  
303352570 Entering the health care crossroads.  
303352569 Succession planning in health care organizations.  
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303352568 The new key role in hospital leadership--VPPS.  
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303352567 Applying creativity to health care: learning from innovative companies.  
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303352566 Health care can't afford to wait to innovate.  
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303352565 Transitioning away from clinical medicine--one physician's story.  
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303352564 Accountable care demands new real-time management tools.  
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303352563 Meet John Armstrong--stimulator of a state-of-the-art simulator.  
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303352562 The importance of staff diversity to address disparity.  
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