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312015031 Problem set 10.  
312015030 Scoring points: goals for real world problem solving.  
312015029 The mathematics of networks science: Scale-free, power-law graphs and continuum theoretical analysis.  
312015028 Explaining definitions in secondary school mathematics: [a.sup.0], [a.sup.n], 0!  
312015027 Giving more realistic definitions of trigonometric ratios.  
312015026 Visualising the complex roots of quadratic equations with real coefficients.  
312015025 Editorial: envisioning the future of the mathematical sciences and mathematics teaching.  
303539356 Problem set 9.  
303539355 On periodicity of trigonometric functions and connections with elementary number theoretic ideas.  
303539354 A new iterative method to calculate [pi].  
303539353 Pythagoras' garden, revisited.  
303539352 On interpreting and extracting information from the cumulative distribution function curve: a new perspective with applications.  
303539351 Building intuitions about statistical inference based on resampling.  
303539350 Editorial: to engage or not to engage.  
273786755 Problem set 8.  
273786754 On Vieta's formulas and the determination of a set of positive integers by their sum and product.  
273786753 A classroom investigation into the catenary.  
273786752 Parabolas: connection between algebraic and geometrical representations.  
273786751 Analysing the mathematical experience: Posing the 'what is mathematics?' question.  
273786750 A square becomes a regular octagon: an authentic experience in proof writing.  
273786749 To solve or not to solve, that is the problem.  
273786748 ICTMA15.  
273786747 Editorial: to err is human.  
261951305 Problem set 7.  
261951304 Enhancing conceptual understanding of trigonometry using Earth geometry and the great circle.  
261951303 Teaching harmonic motion in trigonometry: Inductive inquiry supported by physics simulations.  
261951302 The logical heart of a classic proof revisited: a guide to Godel's 'incompleteness' theorems.  
261951301 Generating 'random' integers.  
261951300 Exploring fourier series and Gibbs phenomenon using mathematica.  
261951299 Editorial: historical sources and historical development of statistical ideas.  
243043153 Ponder this!  
243043152 The tree in Pythagoras' garden.  
243043151 A transformation called "twist".  
243043150 Is proof dead in the computer-age school curriculum?  
243043149 Things may not always be as they seem: the set shot in AFL football.  
243043148 Cognitive development of applying the chain rule through three worlds of mathematics.  
243043147 Response to farmer.  
243043146 Model fitting for predicted precipitation in Darwin: some issues with model choice.  
243043145 Mathematics for a computerised and globalised world.  
229718061 Ponder this!  
229718060 Engaging all students with "impossible geometry".  
229718059 High school mathematics teaching in the USA.  
229718058 The use of tablet and related technologies in mathematics teaching.  
229718057 Does CAS use disadvantage girls in VCE mathematics?  
229718056 Sequences of rational numbers converging to surds.  
229718055 Investment return calculations and senior school mathematics.  
229718054 Mathematics in the new Australian curriculum.  
213406488 Ponder this.  
213406487 Introducing complex numbers.  
213406486 An ordinary but surprisingly powerful theorem.  
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