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310741892 Understanding the experience of girls with EBD in a gender-responsive support group.  
310741891 Girls with emotional disturbance and a history of arrest: characteristics and school-based predictors of arrest.  
310741890 Exclusionary discipline practices across students' racial/ethnic backgrounds and disability status: findings from the Pacific Northwest.  
310741889 Tier 2 supports to improve motivation and performance of elementary students with behavioral challenges and poor work completion.  
310741888 Effects of tiered training on general educators' use of specific praise.  
310741887 Importance, usage, and preparedness to implement evidence-based practices for students with emotional disabilities: a comparison of knowledge and skills of special education and general education teachers.  
310741886 Introduction.  
301649980 Education and treatment of children.  
301649979 Making inclusion work in general education classrooms.  
301649978 Using functional behavior assessment to match task difficulty for a 5th grade student: a case study.  
301649977 Discipline referrals and access to secondary level support in elementary and middle schools: patterns across African-American, Hispanic-American, and White students.  
301649976 A function-based classroom behavior intervention using non-contingent reinforcement plus response cost.  
301649975 Intervention for food selectivity in a specialized school setting: teacher implemented prompting, reinforcement, and demand fading for an adolescent student with autism.  
301649974 Using simultaneous prompting to teach computer-based story writing to a student with autism.  
301649973 The effects of social skills training on the peer interactions of a nonnative toddler.  
292882226 Comparing results of systematic reviews: parallel reviews of research on repeated reading.  
292882225 A systematic review of brief functional analysis methodology with typically developing children.  
292882224 Risk and strategic decision-making in developing evidence-based practice guidelines.  
292882223 Considerations for the systematic analysis and use of single-case research.  
292882222 Quality appraisal of single-subject experimental designs: an overview and comparison of different appraisal tools.  
292882221 Evaluating the validity of systematic reviews to indentify empirically supported treatments.  
292882220 Lessons learned about the utility of social validity.  
292882219 Best available evidence: three complementary approaches.  
292882218 Evidence-based practice: a framework for making effective decisions.  
292882217 Acknowledgements.  
285089963 The effects of rationales, differential reinforcement, and a guided compliance procedure to increase compliance among preschool children.  
285089962 Utilizing antecedent manipulations and reinforcement in the treatment of food selectivity by texture.  
285089961 Using peer modeling and differential reinforcement in the treatment of food selectivity.  
285089960 Secondary prevention efforts at the middle school level: an application of the Behavior Education Program.  
285089959 A pilot study of a problem-solving model for team decision making.  
285089958 An assessment of the evidence-base for school-wide positive behavior support.  
271811395 An examination of typical classroom context and instruction for students with and without behavioral disorders.  
271811394 Description of an iterative process for intervention development.  
271811393 Direct behavior rating: a review of the Issues and research in its development.  
271811392 An investigation of the impact of function of problem behavior on effectiveness of the Behavior Education Program (BEP).  
271811391 A strategy-based intervention to improve math word problem-solving skills of students with emotional and behavioral disorders.  
271811390 The Richard E. Shores TECBD strand on research in emotional behavioral disorders 2010.  
271811389 Transition services for juvenile detainees with disabilities: findings on recidivism.  
271811388 A literature review of research quality and effective practices in alternative education settings.  
271811387 A comparative analysis of language, suspension, and academic performance of students with emotional disturbance and students with learning disabilities.  
271811386 Social validity of a positive behavior interventions and support model.  
271811385 Future research directions for the field of E/BD: standing on the shoulders of giants.  
271811384 Introduction.  
266346948 Education and treatment of children: manuscript guidelines.  
266346947 Effective programs for treating autism spectrum disorder: Applied behavior analysis models.  
266346946 Teaching methods that really work! Evidence based methods of instruction.  
266346945 Behavior observations for linking assessment to treatment for selective mutism.  
266346944 Assessing the effects of the McGraw Hill Phonemic Awareness program with preschool children with developmental delays: a case study.  
266346943 Mothers' and teachers' estimations of first graders' literacy level and their relation to the children's actual performance in different SES groups.  
266346942 School reform and mental health services for students with emotional disturbances educated in urban schools.