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139435037 Introduction to special issue: Severe Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth (Volume 28).  
138444499 A comparison of school-based and community-based adherence to wraparound during family planning meetings.  
138444498 Decreasing public smoking among youth: a preliminary study.  
138444497 A School Mental Health Issues Survey from the perspective of regular and special education teachers, school counselors, and school psychologists.  
138444496 Preventing trouble: making schools safer places using positive behavior supports.  
138444495 The relationship between the beginning reading skills and social adjustment of a general sample of elementary aged children.  
138444494 Using incremental rehearsal to increase fluency of single-digit multiplication facts with children identified as learning disabled in mathematics computation.  
138444493 Helping young children follow their teachers' directions: the utility of high probability command sequences in pre-k and kindergarten classrooms.  
138444492 Training teachers in an infant classroom to use embedded teaching strategies.  
131753677 Tailoring and adapting Parent-Child Interaction Therapy to new populations.  
131753676 Training foster parents in parent-child interaction therapy.  
131753675 Adapting Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for young children with separation anxiety disorder.  
131753674 Theoretical and empirical underpinnings of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with child physical abuse populations.  
131753673 Parent Child Interaction Therapy for children with disruptive behavior and developmental disabilities.  
131753672 The GANA program: a tailoring approach to adapting Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Mexican Americans.  
131753671 Introduction: innovative approaches to parent-child interaction therapy.  
131753670 Improving discrete trial instruction by paraprofessional staff through an abbreviated performance feedback intervention.  
131753669 Effects of explicit instruction on decoding of struggling first grade students: a data-based case study.  
131753668 The contributions of eye contact and contingent praise to effective instruction delivery in compliance training.  
131753667 Reading tutoring for students at academic and behavioral risk: effects on time-on-task in the classroom.  
131753666 The effects of LAP Fractions on addition and subtraction of fractions with students with mild disabilities.  
131753665 Teaching a child with autism to share among peers in an integrated preschool classroom: acquisition, maintenance, and social validation.  
128328501 School characteristics related to the use of suspension.  
128328500 The undefined role of the antecedent: addressing the measurement quagmires in applied research.  
128328499 Sometimes, practice makes imperfect: overcoming the automaticity of challenging behavior by linking intervention to thoughts, feelings, and actions.  
128328498 Positive behavioral interventions and supports in New Hampshire: preliminary results of a statewide system for implementing schoolwide discipline practices.  
128328497 An evaluation of the functional behavioral assessment process used with students with or at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders.  
128328496 Teachers' views of prereferral interventions: perceptions of and recommendations for implementation support.  
128328495 Teachers' perceptions about teaching problem students in regular classrooms.  
128328494 The retention and attrition of juvenile justice teachers.  
128328493 The Santa Barbara Assets and Risks Assessment to predict recidivism among male and female juveniles: an investigation of inter-rater reliability and predictive validity.  
128328492 Hard times and an uncertain future: issues that confront the field of emotional/behavioral disorders.  
128328491 A response to Kauffman's the devaluation of special education.  
128328490 The president's commission and the devaluation of special education.  
128328489 Introduction to special issue: Severe Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth (Volume 27).  
126234448 Video enhanced activity schedules for children with autism: a promising package for teaching social skills.  
126234447 A preliminary examination of instructional arrangements, teaching behaviors, levels of academic responding of deaf middle school students in three different educational settings.  
126234446 Total Class Peer Tutoring and interdependent group oriented contingency: improving the academic and task related behaviors of fourth-grade urban students.  
126234445 The effects of a peer-mediated positive behavior support program on socially appropriate classroom behavior.  
126234444 Effects of systematic error correction and repeated readings on the reading accuracy and proficiency of second graders with disabilities.  
126234443 Introduction.  
126234442 Forward.  
122093000 Preventing unintentional firearm injury in children: the need for behavioral skills training.  
122092999 Behavioral treatment of acute onset school refusal in a 5-year old girl with separation anxiety disorder.  
122092998 Outcome evaluation of girls and boys town's family home program.  
122092997 A comparison of the effects of two rates of listening while reading on oral reading fluency and reading comprehension.  
122092996 Academic response rates in elementary-school classrooms.  
122092995 An analysis of trends regarding proactive and ecologically valid interventions in applied research.  
115503125 School-based responses to children who have been sexually assaulted.  
115503124 An exploratory study of the implementation of embedded instruction by general educators with students with developmental disabilities.