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161909206 Preventing disruptive behavior in the urban classroom: effects of the Good Behavior Game on student and teacher behavior.  
161909205 Check in/ Check out: a post-hoc evaluation of an efficient, secondary-level targeted intervention for reducing problem behaviors in schools.  
161909204 Assessing the effects of the Reading Success Level A program with fourth-grade students at a Title I elementary school.  
161909203 A comparison of one-to-one embedded instruction in the general education classroom and one-to-one massed practice instruction in the special education classroom.  
161909202 Fostering the development of vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension though contextually-based multiple meaning vocabulary instruction.  
155235294 Reducing disproportionate minority representation in Special Education Programs for Students with Emotional Disturbances: toward a culturally Responsive response to Intervention model.  
155235293 Integration of culture in reading studies for youth in corrections: a literature review.  
155235292 Prisoner perceptions of effective teacher behavior.  
155235291 Public policy on physical restraint of children with disabilities in public schools.  
155235290 Burnout levels of teachers of students with AD/HD in Turkey: comparison with teachers of non-AD/HD students.  
155235289 Assessing antecedent variables: the effects of instructional variables on student outcomes through in-service and peer coaching professional development models.  
155235288 The efficacy of social skills treatment for children with Asperger Syndrome.  
155235287 Functional communication training in the natural environment: a pilot investigation with a young child with autism spectrum disorder.  
155235286 Observing mathematics: do students with EBD have access to standards-based mathematics instruction?  
155235285 Improving academic engagement through systematic, function-based intervention.  
155235284 Illustrations of function-based interventions implemented by general education teachers: building capacity at the school site.  
155235283 Consider the opportunities: a response to No Child Left Behind.  
155235282 Severe Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth: introduction.  
152016266 Teaching pretend play skills to a student with autism using video modeling with a sibling as model and play partner.  
152016265 The effects of a high-probability request sequencing technique in enhancing transition behaviors.  
152016264 Using peer-mediated repeated readings as a fluency-building activity for urban learners.  
152016263 The use of dependent group contingencies to increase on-task behavior in two general education classrooms.  
152016262 The use of scripts to increase the verbal initiations of children with developmental disabilities to typically developing peers.  
152016261 Classroom-based functional analysis and intervention for students with emotional/behavioral disorders.  
152016260 Importance of social skills in the elementary grades.  
149622761 School-based prevention and intervention programs for children with emotional disturbance.  
149622760 Developing coordinated, multimodal, school-based treatment for young adolescents with ADHD.  
149622759 School-based interventions for children and adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: enhancing academic and behavioral outcomes.  
149622758 Preschool-based programs for externalizing problems.  
149622757 Matching interventions to children's mental health needs: feasibility and acceptability of a pilot school-based trauma intervention program.  
149622756 Treating anxiety disorders in a school setting.  
149622755 Responding to today's mental health needs of children, families and schools: revisiting the preservice training and preparation of school-based personnel.  
149622754 Building an interconnected policy-training-practice-research agenda to advance school mental health.  
149622753 Bringing evidence-based child mental health services to the schools: general issues and specific populations.  
146637707 Standard Celeration Charting 2002.  
146637706 Addressing the Challenging Behavior of Children with High-Functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers and Parents.  
146637705 Instructional Classroom Management: A Proactive Approach to Behavior Management, 2d ed.  
146637704 Incorporating descriptive assessment results into the design of a functional analysis: a case example involving a preschooler's hand mouthing.  
146637703 Parent tutoring: a meta-analysis.  
146637702 Elementary day and residential schools for Children with emotional and behavioral disorders: characteristics of educators and students.  
146637701 Effects of noncontingent reinforcement and functional communication training on problem behavior and mands.  
146637700 Using self-management procedures to improve classroom social skills in multiple general education settings.  
139435045 First Step to Success early intervention program: a study of effectiveness with Native-American children.  
139435044 Project IMPROVE: improving teachers' ability to address students' social needs.  
139435043 Effective advocacy for students with emotional/behavioral disorders: how high the cost?  
139435042 The internal consistency of the school-wide subscales of the Effective Behavioral Support Survey.  
139435041 Stakeholders' view of implementing positive behavioral support in a juvenile justice setting.  
139435040 Academic achievement in juvenile corrections: examining the impact of age, ethnicity and disability.  
139435039 Intervention with students with learning, emotional and behavioral disorders: why do we take so long to do it?  
139435038 Response to intervention: an alternative means of identifying students as emotionally disturbed.