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305995615 Resource Races: Michael T. Klare's The Race for What's Left.  
305995614 Going strong: the US-Indonesian partnership.  
305995613 The future of North Korea: a defector's perspective.  
305995612 Revitalizing the rule of law: examining the success of the Arab Spring.  
305995611 The Sri Lankan Silk Road: the potential war between China and the United States.  
305995610 The rise of "great potential": youth activism against gender-based violence.  
305995609 The youth are revolting: a new generation of politics in the Middle East?  
305995608 Migrant youth in Europe: a heterogeneous generation at risk.  
305995607 Taking to the streets: economic crises and youth protest in Europe.  
305995606 The power of youth: a letter from Chai Ling.  
305995605 Playing a dangerous game: the reticence of US support for the Euro.  
305995604 Sino-Indian relations: history, problems and prospects.  
305995603 China in Africa: myths, realities and opportunities.  
305995602 Translation: providing the missing link in access to knowledge.  
305995601 Markets versus publics: the new battleground of higher education.  
305995600 Silver tsunami: aging in a shrinking Singapore.  
305995599 Urban Brazil: an Olympic opportunity.  
305995598 Strife on the Nile: the battle for water rights.  
305995597 Turkey's choice: Istanbul or Constantinople?  
305995596 Political prosecution: EU-Ukraine relations in turmoil.  
305995595 Corrections.  
305995594 Activism meets loyal passivists.  
305995593 Letter from the editors.  
291498913 A Limited View: Itamar Rabinovich's The View from Damascus.  
291498912 Building Rwanda: past reflections and hope for the future.  
291498911 Northern juggernaut? A look inside the Canadian economy.  
291498910 Missiles in America defense in an age of terrorism.  
291498909 The virtual square: urban space, Media, and the Egyptian uprising.  
291498908 Reinventing the future: designing urban 3.0.  
291498907 Contextualizing health: accounting for the urban environment.  
291498906 Capitalizing on foothills: restoring the relationship between people and land.  
291498905 Our cities are us: sustainable reforms through reflection and action.  
291498904 Back to ABCs: emerging partnerships among Africa, Brazil, and China.  
291498903 Future of dollar hegemony: the dollar's role after the euro crisis.  
291498902 Fog over channel: London's veto of the treaty to save the euro.  
291498901 Economic changes in Cuba: current situation and perspectives.  
291498900 Taming Summit-Mania: ineffective communication in global dialogue.  
291498899 National suicide: Israel's three rights make a wrong.  
291498898 The bear awakens: the Russian people's movement.  
291498897 Common responsibility: the failure of Kyoto.  
291498896 Going home: illegal immigration reverses course.  
291498895 Starvation in the Sahel: food security in Africa.  
291498894 Corrections.  
291498893 Austerity's children.  
291498892 Letter from the editors.  
284236977 Myanmar at a Crossroads: Thant Myint-U's Where China Meets India.  
284236976 Volatility to global cooperation: insights into current economic challenges.  
284236975 Governing Asia's financial hub: reflections of outgoing Hong Kong Chief Executive.  
284236974 Unlocking Central Asia: fostering the growth of a region in transition.  
284236973 Growing solutions: agriculture's changing reputation.