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172169172 White lubra/white savage: Pituri and colonialist fantasy in Charles Chauvel's Uncivilised (1936).  
172169171 Agential mortality: death, corporeality, and identity in Radiance (1997).  
172169170 Three Australian documentaries: diaspora and subjectivity.  
172169169 Out of place: reading (post) colonial landscapes as Gothic space in Jane Campion's films.  
172169168 Australian and New Zealand cinema.  
143723762 Annual bibliography of film studies 2004.  
143723761 Allegories of Communication: Intermedial Concerns from Cinema to the Digital.  
143723760 Class, gender, and genre in Zalman King's "Real High Erotica": the conflicting mandates of female fantasy.  
143723759 Spinoza's stone: the logic of Donnie Darko.  
143723758 Reinventing Bird: the evolving image of Charlie Parker on film.  
143723757 Christian Nyby: an interview.  
133249680 Annual Bibliography of Film Studies--2003.  
133249679 The animation of Anne: Japanese anime encounters the diary of a holocaust icon.  
133249678 Ambition and ideology: intertextual clues to A Simple Plan's view of the American dream.  
133249677 Manhunting: the female detective in the serial killer film.  
133249676 Vilmos Zsigmond: an interview.  
128671358 Post-literary adaptation.  
128671357 The mystery of the unsung song.  
128671356 Adapting Chekhovian mood.  
128671355 From Red Sorghum to Devils on the Doorstep: conceptual evolution in Chinese film adaptations.  
128671354 Agnieszka Holland vs William Wyler: on two adaptations of Henry James's Washington Square.  
128671353 African cinema and the politics of adaptation (1).  
128671352 Adaptation as forgery: the case of The Talented Mr. Ripley.  
128671351 Why adapt?  
128671350 Introduction.  
128671365 Gallardo, Ximena C. and C. Jason Smith. Alien Woman: the Making of Lt. Ellen Ripley.  
128671364 David Cronenberg's having to make the word be flesh.  
128671363 Sarah's dream/"No Fate": doubling in Terminator II.  
128671362 Proust and cinema, or luchino visconti's search.  
128671361 Mikhail Bakhtin and the Sundance Kid: generic dialogue in the Western.  
128671360 Speaking the "mind's voice": double discursivity in Jane Campion's The Piano.  
128671359 "The golden years": an interview with Ronald Neame.  
114593966 Annual bibliography of film studies--2002.  
114593965 Wings of Desire and the value of mortality.  
114593964 Factualizing the tattoo: actualizing personal history through memory in Christopher Nolan's Memento.  
114593963 Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful and the protection of innocence: fable, fairy tale or just excuses?  
114593962 Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut: a masque in disguise.  
113096262 Laleen Jayamanne. Toward Cinema and its Double: Cross-Cultural Mimesis.  
113096261 "In his own image": genre, memory and doubling in Schwarzenegger's films.  
113096260 Doubling, stardom, and melodrama in Indian cinema: the "impossible" role of Nargis.  
113096259 Disabled by desire: body doubles in "Rear Window" (1942), Rear Window (1954), and Rear Window (1998).  
113096258 The double in Bunuel's That Obscure Object of Desire.  
113096257 American Psycho: a double portrait of serial yuppie Patrick Bateman.  
113096256 "A perfect double down to the last detail": photography and the identity of film noir.  
113096255 Doubled lives, dissimulated history: Hou Hsiao-Hsien's Good Men, Good Women.  
113096254 Singling out the double: objectivity, subjectivity and alterity in Kieslowski's The Double Life of Veronique.  
113096253 From Doppelganger to persona: acting becomes the identity.  
105657309 Psycho Paths: Tracking the Serial Killer Through Contemporary American Film and Fiction. (Book Review).  
105657308 Seven. (Book Review).  
105657307 America's scariest home videos: serial killers and reality television.  
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