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310149841 Mark your calendar.  
310149840 Grignard's gift to chemistry.  
310149839 Where 2B & Y: announcements of conferences, symposia, workshops, meetings, and other upcoming activities.  
310149838 IUPAC MACRO World Polymer Congress 2012.  
310149837 What's in a name? Possibly death and taxes!  
310149836 On the description of nanomaterials.  
310149835 Going for gold: the 44th International Chemistry Olympiad.  
310149834 IUPAC-NIST Solubility Data Series--recent volumes.  
310149833 A Brief Guide to polymer nomenclature.  
310149832 IUPAC/CITAC Guide: investigating out-of-specification test results of chemical composition based on metrological concepts (IUPAC Technical Report).  
310149831 Characterization of photoluminescence measuring systems (IUPAC Technical Report).  
310149830 Guidelines for reporting of phase equilibrium measurements (IUPAC Recommendations 2012).  
310149829 InChIs and registry numbers.  
310149828 IUPAC Safety Training Program.  
310149827 Mark Cesa and James Economy named ACS fellows.  
310149826 Ian Mills awarded IUPAP SUNAMCO prize.  
310149825 Second CHEMRAWN VII Prize awarded to Rashmi Sanghi.  
310149824 Rachel O'Reilly receives the 2012 IUPAC-Samsung Young Polymer Scientist Award.  
310149823 Winners of 2012 IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists.  
310149822 Mozambique and Argentina join IUPAC as full members.  
310149821 John D. Petersen appointed IUPAC Executive Director.  
310149820 Young chemists to the 44th IUPAC Congress.  
310149819 ICSTI at work.  
310149818 Meeting with IUPAC President Nicole Moreau.  
310149817 A cross-disciplinary, multiclass educational project.  
310149816 IUPAC at the Helsinki Chemical Forum.  
310149815 The European Chemicals Agency experience.  
310149814 New exhibit shows the influence of alchemy on modern chemistry.  
310149813 Our roles, responsibilities, and legacy.  
310149812 From the editor.  
306514469 Mark your calendar.  
306514468 Biorefineries.  
306514467 Advanced polymers via macromolecular engineering.  
306514466 Nano systems and applications.  
306514465 Novel aromatic compounds.  
306514464 Toxicology.  
306514463 Advanced polymeric materials.  
306514462 How many miles have we gone, InChi by InChi?  
306514461 Advanced materials: stories of innovation.  
306514460 Systematic and trivial nomenclature.  
306514459 Periodic tables on the world wide web.  
306514458 Molecular sympsosia.  
306514457 Analogue-based drug discovery: contributions to medicinal chemistry principles and drug design strategies. Microtubule stabilizers as a case in point (special topic article).  
306514456 Names and symbols of the elements with atomic numbers 114 and 116 (IUPAC recommendations 2012).  
306514455 IUPAC glossary of terms used in Immunotoxicology (IUPAC recommendations 2012).  
306514454 Vocabulary for nominal properties and nominal examinations--basic and general concepts and associated terms.  
306514453 Definition of the halogen bond.  
306514452 Nomenclature of thermal analysis.  
306514451 Global chemical safety and sustainability.  
306514450 Chemical kinetic data evaluation for atmospheric chemistry and the IUPAC kinetics database.