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311853085 ATE: making electronics practical.  
311853084 Extreme-weather handheld DMM.  
311853083 Differential Probes.  
311853082 Hypercentric lenses.  
311853081 Entry-level mixed-domain scopes.  
311853080 Modular UE manufacturing tester.  
311853079 Signal analyzer options to 26.5 GHz.  
311853078 Eight-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope.  
311853077 JTAG controller with WLAN interface.  
311853076 Data analysis and graphing software.  
311853075 Oscilloscopes with 12-Bit ADC.  
311853074 Customers seek optimum price points.  
311853073 New standard for home healthcare devices.  
311853072 Lessons from nature in testing RF equipment.  
311853071 Principles of analog in-circuit testing.  
311853070 Vendors explore data-capture options.  
311853069 Multiple formats EnableToday's test systems.  
311853068 AAMI-FDA interoperability summit pinpoints top challenges.  
311853067 TEL and imec extend partnership into life science research.  
311853066 Wearable technology market suited for rapid growth.  
311853065 Princeton/NIST collaboration puts wheels on the quantum bus.  
311853064 Researchers target solar geoengineering customization.  
311853063 IHS: companies not ready for U.S. conflict minerals law.  
311853062 Expo focuses on automotive test.  
311853061 Acquire data responsibly.  
308069048 DAQ and the PC Era.  
308069047 Thin films analysis.  
308069046 Wireless connectivity Test System.  
308069045 Programmable DC power supplies.  
308069044 Digital Megohmmeters.  
308069043 Programmable battery charge/discharge tester.  
308069042 High-voltage power supplies.  
308069041 RTD temperature data logger.  
308069040 PXI Vector Signal Generator.  
308069039 Design for yield software.  
308069038 Handheld Analyzer enhancements.  
308069037 Verification and Test OS.  
308069036 PXI multichannel source.  
308069035 Design for test tools Address Stacked Dies.  
308069034 Handheld DMM features count.  
308069033 Tablets and phones augment test and simulation.  
308069032 Converging functionality boosts signal analysis.  
308069031 Power grid energy storage testing part 1.  
308069030 SEMI launches 450 Central for wafer transition information.  
308069029 NIST announces 12 Small Business Innovation Research awards.  
308069028 U.Va., NSF partner on self-powered health monitoring.  
308069027 AAMI and UL to develop interoperability standards.  
308069026 Modular-instrument products and strategies dominate Autotestcon.  
308069025 Intel addresses Internet of Things at DesignEast.  
308069024 Resorbable semiconductors could serve medical applications.