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312618229 Students' propensity toward business ownership.  
312618228 Creativity processes of students in the design studio.  
312618227 The importance of self-regulation for college student learning.  
312618226 How to write a professional knockout resume to differentiate yourself.  
312618225 A brief intervention designed to improve social awareness and skills to improve Latino college student retention.  
312618224 Using wraparound to support students with developmental disabilities in higher education.  
312618223 The "Dana Decision" and its impact relative to on-line universities.  
312618222 Developing a freshman orientation survey to improve student retention within a college.  
312618221 College students' perceptions of severity and willingness to seek psychological help for drug and alcohol problems.  
312618220 Career path decisions of masters-level mathematics students: a comparative review.  
312618219 Social cognitive model of college satisfaction: a test of measurement and path models.  
312618218 The impact of athletic facilities on the recruitment of potential student-athletes.  
312618217 Development of emotional intelligence in first-year undergraduate students in a frontier state.  
312618216 Infusing student activism into the college curriculum: a report of a service-learning project to bring awareness to sexual violence.  
312618215 A comparative analysis of the emotional intelligence levels of American and Chinese business students.  
312618214 Three-month study of college student disordered gambling using the Transtheoretical Model: findings and lessons learned.  
312618213 The effect of music videos on college students' perceptions of rape.  
312618212 Female veteran counselors regarding student characteristics and resultant service strategies in Taiwan.  
312618211 Themes Caribbean overseas students perceive influence their levels of culture shock.  
312618210 Child-friendly school initiative in Jordan: a sharing experience.  
302464030 Cycling through the blues: the impact of systemic external stressors on student mental states and symptoms of depression.  
302464029 A comparison of dietary intakes between male and female Korean American college students: a two generation study.  
302464028 Perceptions of college students on social factors that influence student matriculation.  
302464027 Non-cognitive predictors of student success in college.  
302464026 The impact of a 15-week lifetime wellness course on behavior change and self-efficacy in college students.  
302464025 Stress carry-over and college student health outcomes.  
302464024 Breakup effects on university students' perceived academic performance.  
302464023 What instructor qualities do students reward?  
302464022 College student perceptions and ideals of teaching: an exploratory pilot study.  
302464021 Health knowledge among historically black college and university students: an exploratory study.  
302464020 Psychometric properties of the motivated strategies for learning questionnaire for Sultan Qaboos University students.  
302464019 Students opinions and attitudes towards physical education classes in Kuwait public schools.  
302464018 Perception of teachers on health education & nutrition for kindergarten students in Kuwait.  
302464017 Career choice in engineering: the influence of peers and parents implication for counseling.  
302464016 Cyberstalking and college-age students: a bibliometric analysis across scholarly databases.  
302464015 Grading standards and student performance in community college and university courses.  
302464014 Mastering leadership concepts through utilizing critical thinking strategies within educational administration courses at Kuwait University.  
302464013 Assessing environmental literacy of pre-vocational education teachers in Jordan.  
302464012 Intention to persist and retention of first-year students: the importance of motivation and sense of belonging.  
302464011 "All work and no play ..." overcommitment and personality among university and college students.  
302464010 A cross-cultural study of differences in romantic attitudes between American and Albanian college students.  
297135962 Service learning in high school biology and college major choice.  
297135961 The students' perspectives of online training at Kuwait University.  
297135960 A comparison of the views of college of business graduate and undergraduate students on qualities needed in the workplace.  
297135959 Qualitative aspects of group-only testing.  
297135958 An intervention for the negative influence of media on body esteem.  
297135957 Mentoring the 'net generation': faculty perspectives in health education.  
297135956 The relationship between social capital and weapon possession on campus.  
297135955 Video game playing and academic performance in college students.  
297135954 Stress tolerance: new challenges for millennial college students.