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187324775 Evaluating knowledge and critical thinking in international marketing courses.  
187324774 Effects of Enron on future Russian business leaders: a time line survey.  
187324773 "Men are dogs": is the stereotype justified? Data on the cheating college male.  
187324772 Students' perspectives on materials posted On faculty office doors.  
187324771 Partnership that works: a study of the educational-web in school management.  
187324770 Definitions of insanity in college students.  
187324769 Modern school mathematics.  
187324768 An examination of underage drinking in a sample of private university students.  
187324767 An expressed preference determination of college students' valuation of statistical lives: methods and implications.  
187324766 An assessment of barriers and strategies for recruitment and retention of a diverse graduate student population.  
182975288 Empirical and perceived utility of text boxes.  
182975287 Summer learning camps: helping students to prepare for college.  
182975286 Integrating critical thinking and memorandum writing into course curriculum using the Internet as a research tool.  
182975285 Global competencies in student affairs/services professionals: a literature synthesis.  
182975284 Effects of terror attacks on students' anxiety levels and workplace perceptions--five years later.  
182975283 Targeting, segmenting and positioning the market for college students to increase customer satisfaction and overall performance.  
182975282 An exploratory study of undergraduate college students' perceptions and attitudes toward foreign accented faculty.  
182975281 Understanding undergraduate research experiences from the student perspective: a phenomenological study of a summer student research program.  
182975280 Investigating the role of life status changes and negative emotions in compensatory consumption among college students.  
182975279 The effect of supplemental instruction on timely graduation.  
182975278 Crisp sets and Boolean algebra: a research strategy for student affairs.  
182975277 Measuring attitudes towards sorority and fraternity members: indication of implicit, ingroup favoritism.  
182975276 Lack of stereotype threat at a liberal arts college.  
182975275 An explanatory model of student-athlete drinking: the role of team leadership, social norms, perceptions of risk, and coaches' attitudes toward alcohol consumption.  
182975274 The American high school.  
182975273 A question of degrees for academic librarians.  
182975272 Factorial structure of brief cope for international students attending U.S. colleges.  
182975271 Social inequality on the college campus: a consideration of homosexuality.  
182975270 Historical analysis of college campus interracial dating.  
182975269 Perceptions of college business students: gender and alcoholic managers.  
182975268 A health probe in college students living in Los Angeles and in Taiwan: dietary pattern, physical activity and energy balance.  
182975267 Using computer to solve mathematics by junior secondary school students in Edo state Nigeria.  
182975266 Study abroad in West Africa: an interdisciplinary program of international education.  
182975265 What message should health educators give regarding electromagnetic fields?  
182975264 College students' dietary practices affect lutein/zeaxanthin intake: a two-generation, ethnic and gender study.  
179348429 Black students in white skins.  
179348428 College student affairs preparation program faculty: who publishes and what do they publish?  
179348427 Reducing racism, sexism, and homophobia in college students by completing a psychology of prejudice course.  
179348426 An overview of online education: attractiveness, benefits, challenges, concerns and recommendations.  
179348425 Getting started as distance learning librarian.  
179348424 Different types of word links in the mental lexicon.  
179348423 Differences between male students' and female students' perception of professors.  
179348422 Confronting challenges: motivational beliefs and learning strategies in difficult college courses.  
179348421 Use of alumni perceptions to evaluate instructional and departmental quality.  
179348420 Better late than never? The relation of registration date to class performance.  
179348419 An examination of the relationship between optimism and worldview among university students.  
179348418 Distinguishing the factors influencing college students' choice of major.  
179348417 Economic heritage: Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx.  
179348416 Real-time teaching: lessons from Katrina.  
179348415 Admission requirements for education doctoral programs at top 20 American universities.