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201608570 Service learning in domestic and international settings.  
201608569 Austrian students and smoking: prevalence and characteristics.  
201608568 Needs of sexual assault advocates in campus-based sexual assault centers.  
201608567 What college women want in a marriage partner.  
201608566 Student affairs preparation programs: a competency based approach to assessment and outcomes.  
201608565 HIV risk behavior among college students in the United States.  
194620746 Preliminary examination of first year female university students: smoking practices and beliefs in a city with no-smoking legislation.  
194620745 Pick a hand, any hand: mixed-handedness and night-sky watching in a college student sample.  
194620744 The interaction of selective attention and cognitive development on achievement in Nigerian Secondary School Genetics.  
194620743 Students shaping dialogue at college events: ideas for academic engagement.  
194620742 Attitudes of undergraduate students toward people with intellectual disabilities: considerations for future policy makers.  
194620741 Predicting the likelihood of going to graduate school: the importance of locus of control.  
194620740 Female coaches and job stress: a review of the literature.  
194620739 Preliminary examination of safety issues on a university campus: personal safety practices, beliefs & attitudes of female faculty & staff.  
194620738 Sexual values of 783 undergraduates.  
194620737 Evaluation of alternative delivery systems on academic performance in College Algebra.  
194620736 The ideal man and woman according to university students.  
194620735 Changes in sun tanning attitudes and behaviors of U.S. college students from 1995 to 2005.  
194620734 Predicting performance of MBA students: comparing the part-time MBA program and the one-year program.  
194620733 Attributions for poverty among college students: the impact of service-learning and religiosity.  
194620732 College students' attitudes toward adoption: a brief note.  
194620731 Books on Einstein--collectors' delight.  
194620730 Interaction and communication in the process of education and shared common area in the classroom.  
194620729 Using a focus group to analyze students' perceptions of a service-learning project.  
194620728 Needs assessment of volunteers in a non-profit organization in Taiwan.  
194620727 Become involved with someone who is on the rebound?: How fast should you run?  
194620726 The academic ethic and the transition to college.  
194620725 Predicting and curbing classroom incivility in higher education.  
194620724 College women's rape awareness and use of commonly advocated risk reduction strategies.  
194620723 College students' perceptions of treatment acceptability of how college professors deal with disruptive talking in the classroom.  
194620722 The effect of business faculty attire on student perceptions of the quality of instruction and program quality.  
194620721 A study of cognitive achievement in a special premedical program.  
194620720 Academic advising in the wonderland of college for developmental students.  
194620719 The rare, but promising, involvement of faculty in residence hall programming.  
194620718 Test anxiety and academic delay of gratification.  
194620717 Secret cults in tertiary institutions in Nigeria: an appraisal.  
187324789 Serendipity in physics research.  
187324788 Assessment of teacher dispositions.  
187324787 Junior college experience and students with learning disabilities: implications for success at the four year university.  
187324786 Predictors of breast cancer screening in Asian and Latina University students.  
187324785 Preliminary examination of first year female university students: smoking practices and beliefs in a city with no-smoking legislation.  
187324784 Are light and ultra-light cigarettes safer: perceptions of college students.  
187324783 A comparison of eye-health nutrients, lutein (L)/zeaxanthin (Z) Intakes and L/Z rich food choices between college students living in Los Angeles and Taiwan.  
187324782 Status of participation in physical activity among international students attending colleges and universities in the United States.  
187324781 Measuring learned resourcefulness in college students: factor structure of the self-control schedule (SCS).  
187324780 Cognitive and personality factors in relation to timely completion of a college degree.  
187324779 Variation in the prediction of cross-cultural adjustment by ethnic density: a longitudinal study of Taiwanese students in the United States.  
187324778 Enhancing a curriculum: a focus on the development process.  
187324777 Student governance: toward effectiveness and the ideal.  
187324776 Understanding campus climate through the voices of Filipina/o American college students.