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206687073 Gender differences in food selections of students at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU).  
206687072 NCLB, school-based instructional policy and decision-making: a proposed research agenda.  
206687071 Does experience in college mathematics courses affect elementary arithmetic performance in college students?  
206687070 Are introductory courses a proper venue for deep thought about the discipline?  
206687069 University students' wellness--what difference can a course make?  
206687068 The effect of web-based collaborative learning methods to the accounting courses in Technical Education.  
206687067 The relationship of field of study to current smoking status among college students.  
206687066 The effects of childhood tomboyism and family experiences on the self-esteem of college females.  
206687065 Learning styles and the relationship to attachment styles and psychological symptoms in college women.  
206687064 Plagiarism and costs.  
206687063 Mathematics: content and pedagogy.  
206687062 Comparing students' enrolment and graduate output in home economics with other vocational subjects in Colleges of Education in Nigeria.  
201608608 Sleep patterns and symptoms of depression in college students.  
201608607 Investigating students attitudes and preferences towards learning English at Kuwait University.  
201608606 Teacher greetings increase college students' test scores.  
201608605 Gender differences in forestalling anti-social behaviours among student fitness aspirants and recreationists in Nigerian universities.  
201608604 Five-factor personality domains, self-efficacy, career-outcome expectations, and career indecision.  
201608603 Using alumni perspectives for university evaluation and planning.  
201608602 The impact of learning styles on achievement in principles of microeconomics: a natural experiment.  
201608601 Financial literacy of freshmen business school students.  
201608600 Patterns of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIS) reported among students in a federal university in midwestern Nigeria.  
201608599 The challenges of attaining millennium development goals in education in Africa by 2015.  
201608598 African Americans majoring in Science at predominantly white universities (a review of the literature).  
201608597 Millennium graduates' orientations to higher education.  
201608596 Technology integration during student teaching: a case study.  
201608595 Attitudes of Jordanian nursing students towards mental illness: the effect of teaching and contact on attitudes change.  
201608594 The relationship between depression and college academic performance.  
201608593 Are students more satisfied with academic advising when there is congruence between current and preferred advising styles?  
201608592 A study of the leisure experience of Turkish University students.  
201608591 A quantitative assessment of factors affecting college sports' team unity.  
201608590 The student affair organizational dissertation: a bounded qualitative meta-study.  
201608589 Beliefs about romantic relationships: gender differences among undergraduates.  
201608588 Credit card misuse, money attitudes, and compulsive buying behaviors: a comparison of internal and external Locus Of Control (LOC) consumers.  
201608587 A comprehensive profile of health risk behaviors among students at a small Canadian University.  
201608586 Center for Continuing Education and Community Service at Kuwait University: a model in leadership for adult and continuing education.  
201608585 Searching for homogamy: an in-class exercise.  
201608584 Preservice Teacher Institute: developing a model learning community for student teachers.  
201608583 Attitudes of Jordanian college students towards learning English as a foreign language.  
201608582 The post-baccalaureate perceptions of psychology alumni.  
201608581 Lecturer quality, quantity and gender in colleges of education in Nigeria.  
201608580 Relative effects of programmed instruction and demonstration methods on students' academic performance in science.  
201608579 Students' perceptions and experiences with key factors during the transition from high school to college.  
201608578 Predicting college students' mathematics anxiety by motivational beliefs and self-regulated learning strategies.  
201608577 First-generation female college students' financial literacy: real and perceived barriers to degree completion.  
201608576 Ethics in educational research: a comparative analysis of graduate student and faculty beliefs.  
201608575 Dealing with slackers in college classroom work groups.  
201608574 Rationales of a shift towards knowledge economy in Jordan from the viewpoint of educational experts and relationship with some variables.  
201608573 Three essential components of college teaching: achievement calibration, self-efficacy, and self-regulation.  
201608572 Psychological sense of community in university classrooms: do achievement goal orientations matter?  
201608571 Increasing awareness of group privilege with college students.