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221092145 Personality characteristics and choice of academic major: are traditional stereotypes obsolete?  
221092144 College student characteristics and attitudes about university summer school programs.  
221092143 Personal factors impacting college student success: constructing College Learning Effectiveness Inventory (CLEI).  
221092142 The impact of instructor attire on college student satisfaction.  
221092141 Setting up the next generation biofeedback program for stress and anxiety management for college students: a simple and cost-effective approach.  
221092140 Demographic factors influencing selection of an ideal graduate institution: a literature review with recommendations for implementation.  
221092139 The influence of parental romantic relationships on college students' attitudes about romantic relationships.  
221092138 Academic clustering and major selection of intercollegiate student-athletes.  
221092137 Getting vaccinated against HPV: attitudes, intentions and perceived barriers of female undergraduates.  
221092136 The link between unit size and performance quality assessments of teaching and administrative faculty. A case study of the Ariel University Center of Samaria.  
221092135 Changes of dietary pattern, food choice, food consumption, nutrient intake and body mass index of Korean American college students with different length of residence in the Los Angeles areas.  
221092134 What I hear you saying is ... : analysis of student comments from the NSSE.  
221092133 Errata.  
241782390 Exploration of intimacy in intercultural and intracultural romantic relationships in college students.  
217511800 The effect of late registration for college classes.  
217511799 The doctoral cohort model: increasing opportunities for success.  
217511798 Seven criteria for an effective classroom environment.  
217511797 What attracts high-achieving, socioeconomically disadvantaged students to the physical sciences and engineering?  
217511796 Student perceptions of educator effectiveness: a follow-up study.  
217511795 2006-2008 studies on the employability of UKM graduates.  
217511794 Graduates' perceptions towards UKM's infrastructure.  
217511793 Strategies for finding and selecting an ideal thesis or dissertation topic: a review of literature.  
217511792 Evaluation of the motivated strategies for learning questionnaire for predicting academic performance in college students of varying scholastic aptitude.  
217511791 Knowledge of, and attitudes to, indoor air pollution in Kuwaiti students, teachers and university faculty.  
217511790 Teaching for sustainable development in higher education institutions: University of Jordan as a case study.  
217511789 Sources of stress among college students--the case of a credit transfer program.  
217511788 Jealousy during dating among female college students.  
217511787 Integration and institutional commitment as predictors of college student transition: are third week indicators significant?  
217511786 Stress and substance use among ASIAN American and Latino college students.  
217511785 Motivational orientation and burnout among undergraduate college students.  
217511784 Effectiveness of institutional performance of public schools in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia from the perspective of school administrators.  
217511783 Gender differences in international students' adjustment.  
217511782 Making the most of a small Midwestern university: the case of transfer students.  
217511781 A comparative study on value ranking of the Turkish teaching department students in two universities.  
217511780 Aggression in dating relationships compared by country of origin.  
217511779 Enhancing the decision-making of extraverted college students.  
206687087 Motivational attitudes toward participating in physical activity among international students attending colleges in the United States.  
206687086 Relationship between sleep quality and health risk behaviors in undergraduate college students.  
206687085 Stepping into the 'real world': architecture students' preparedness for professional practice.  
206687084 Using "telogology" to understand and respond to the Holocaust.  
206687083 Involved and focused? Students' perceptions of institutional identity, personal goal orientation and levels of campus engagement.  
206687082 An empirical investigation of MPA student performance and admissions criteria.  
206687081 Burnout in college student volunteers: a cross-level study.  
206687080 The relationship between lifestyle and campus eating behaviours in male and female university students.  
206687079 Teacher perceptions of levels of professional contribution to the school.  
206687078 Acceptability of marital violence among college men and women: does gender and current relationship status matter?  
206687077 Self in self-worth protection: the relationship of possible selves and self-protective strategies.  
206687076 Taking a trait approach to understanding college students' perceptions of group work.  
206687075 Information literacy assessment: moving beyond computer literacy.  
206687074 An "inverse" validation of Holland's theory.