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238474690 Expectations of adult graduate students in an online degree program.  
238474689 Variation in the prediction of cross-cultural adjustment by Asian-Indian students in the United States.  
238474688 Improving financial awareness among college students: assessment of a financial management project.  
238474687 Acculturation and career beliefs--is there a relationship for international university students?  
238474686 "Hold the phone!": cell phone use and partner reaction among university students.  
238474685 College students and their cats.  
238474684 Fostering tolerance of obesity through empathy and critical reflection: a curricular unit incorporating filmed testimonials.  
238474683 The impact of learning styles on student achievement in a web-based versus an equivalent face-to-face course.  
228428444 Undergraduate biology students' representations of science and the scientist.  
228428443 Participation of student councils in decision making at universities in Turkey.  
228428442 College student anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment.  
228428441 College students' perceptions of equal opportunity for African Americans and race-based policy: do diversity course requirements make a difference?  
228428440 Relationship between the self-directed search and the Edwards personal preference schedule using the N of 1 research design.  
228428439 Is it nature or nurture? beliefs about child development held by college students in psychology courses.  
228428438 Student anti-intellectualism and college major.  
228428437 Using vignettes to change knowledge and attitudes about rape.  
228428436 Incremental validity of constructs of the social cognitive model of academic adjustment.  
228428435 Reading and media habits of college students varying by sex and remedial status.  
228428434 Conflicts between graduate study in science and family life.  
228428433 What motivates college students to learn?  
228428432 A cross-disciplinary perspective on explaining student performance in introductory statistics--what is the relative impact of procrastination?  
228428431 Explorations of psychology through art: love styles.  
228428430 Traits of student leaders on a technical campus: gender differences.  
228428429 Academic motivation to self-regulatory associations: controlling the effect Of test anxiety.  
228428428 Measurement and comparison of American college students' history interests.  
228428427 Freshman fifteen: fact or fiction?  
228428426 College students' chronological age predicts marital happiness regardless of length of marriage.  
228428425 Students' perceptions of and satisfaction with faculty diversity.  
228428424 The challenge of fostering cross-cultural interactions: a case study of international graduate students' perceptions of diversity initiatives.  
228428423 Gay with a disability: a college student's multiple cultural journey.  
228428422 Understanding first-year persistence at a micropolitan university: do geographic characteristics of students' home city matter?  
228428421 Student organizations and institutional diversity efforts: a typology.  
228428420 When a college class becomes a mob: coping with student cohorts.  
228428419 Identifying movement patterns and severity of associated pain in sign language interpreters.  
228428418 Stalking on campus: ensuring security with rights and liberties.  
228428417 Business school deans on student academic dishonesty: a survey.  
228428416 Is think outside the box 21st century code for imagination, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, intuition?  
228428415 Socially responsible knowledge and behaviors: comparing upper- vs. lower-classmen.  
228428414 A retrospective study of the impact faculty dispositions have on undergraduate engineering students.  
228428413 Examining the conflict resolution modes of clinical supervisors and teacher education candidates.  
228428412 The myth that college and major choice decides Johnny's future.  
228428411 Preparing college students with moderate learning disabilities with the tools for higher level success.  
228428410 Resistance to reading compliance among college students: instructors' perspectives.  
221092152 Is the quality of life of Turkish smoker students different from those of non-smokers?  
221092151 More than skin deep: perceptions of, and stigma against, tattoos.  
221092150 Learn more, stress less: exploring the benefits of collaborative assessment.  
221092149 Female college students' perceptions of organ donation.  
221092148 Examining a transformative approach to communication education: a teacher-research study.  
221092147 An investigation of the effectiveness of increasing academic learning time for college undergraduate students' achievement in Kuwait.  
221092146 Standardized testing for outcome assessment: analysis of the educational testing systems MBA tests.