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252632767 The importance of peer approval in the sartorial purchasing patterns of The University of Georgia students.  
252632766 Cultural predictors of academic motivation and achievement: a self-deterministic approach.  
252632765 Religious orientation: the role of college environment and classification.  
252632764 Examining the relationship between degree of religiousness and attitudes toward elderly sexual activity in undergraduate college students.  
252632763 An integrated approach to social work practice in Nigeria.  
252632762 Students' perceived sense of campus community: the influence of out-of-class experiences.  
252632761 Thriving in a faculty and a college setting.  
252632760 College students' perceptions of the traditional lecture method.  
252632759 The relationship between students' motives to communicate with their instructors and perceived instructor credibility, attractiveness, and homophily.  
252632758 University environment experience of the first two years of university graduates at a newly established small university located in suburban area in Taiwan.  
252632757 Testing the role of parental debt attitudes, student income, dependency status, and financial knowledge have in shaping financial self-efficacy among college students.  
252632756 Learning stations in the social studies.  
252632755 Forgetting to remember important course information: instructors' perspectives.  
252632754 Why do first-generation students fail?  
252632753 The significance of English language learning in contemporary Kuwait: some empirical insights for economists of knowledge and educational planning.  
248733638 On your knees: prayer in undergraduate romantic relationship.  
248733637 Attitudes of school administrators toward selecting teachers for permanent positions.  
248733636 A services survey study of a university counseling center in Taiwan.  
248733635 A comparison of different teaching applications based on questioning in terms of their effects upon pre-service teachers' good questioning skills.  
248733634 Self identification among African American and Caucasian college students.  
248733633 A comparison of dietary patterns and nutrient intakes between Korean American college students and their respective parents living in the same household.  
248733632 College prep blueprint for bridging and scaffolding incoming freshmen: practices that work.  
248733631 Assessing self-perceptions of college students across life domains: development and validation of the self-theory scale.  
248733630 Learning from the lives and works of great scientists.  
248733629 The role of dissertation self-efficacy in increasing dissertation completion: sources, effects and viability of a new self-efficacy construct.  
248733628 Knowledge, skills and A E I O U and sometimes Y.  
248733627 Motivational beliefs and learning strategies as predictors of academic performance in college physics.  
248733626 European physics in its heyday.  
248733625 Portfolios in the social studies.  
248733624 Special places for students: third place and restorative place.  
248733623 The impact of instructor's personality characteristics on quality of instruction.  
248733622 In their own words: an online strategy for increasing stress-coping skills among college freshmen.  
248733621 Business students' perceptions of course evaluations.  
248733620 The benefits of adult learning: continuing education and the development process in the State of Kuwait.  
248733619 The challenges faced by Jordanian English language teachers at Amman 1st and 2nd Directorates of Education.  
248733618 College students and credit card use: an analysis of financially at-risk students.  
238474704 Generic competency profile among students in institute of higher learning: a case of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia.  
238474703 Cellular phone use in class: implications for teaching and learning a pilot study.  
238474702 Gender differences in the factor structure of the 2x2 achievement goal framework.  
238474701 Putting the mind in the brain: promoting an appreciation of the biological basis to understanding human behavior.  
238474700 Trends in physical activity interest in the college and university setting.  
238474699 Application of online discussion and cooperative learning strategies to online and blended college courses.  
238474698 The adequacy of the information that students utilize when choosing a college: an attribute importance and information sufficiency approach.  
238474697 The impact of preparing faculty in the effective use of student teams.  
238474696 Study of occupational safety and health audit on facilities at Ungku Omar College, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM): a preliminary analysis.  
238474695 Can verbally aggressive messages in the instructor-student relationship be constructive?  
238474694 Brain food: the relationship between home-cooked meals and student success.  
238474693 Career expectations and perceptions of part-time MBA students.  
238474692 Basal textbooks and the social studies.  
238474691 Sex differences in college students' elementary arithmetic ability.