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278276697 Revving up and staying up: energy drink use associated with anxiety and sleep quality in a college sample.  
278276696 Using market research to understand health behaviors among college students.  
278276695 Ideal--real self-concept and state-trait anxiety in Turkish university students according to CHAID analysis.  
278276694 Understanding the early integration experiences of first-generation college students.  
278276693 Assessing safety: a campus-wide initiative.  
270894551 Factors influencing Kuwaiti student teachers' choice of teaching as a profession.  
270894550 Health and lifestyle practices among female students in a South African University setting.  
270894549 Gender differences in academic performance among undergraduates at the University of Jordan: are they real or stereotyping?  
270894548 The cornerstones of modern physics.  
270894547 Students' standards in correcting faculty members' performance in Jordanian universities from the perspective of Al-Balqa'Applied University students case study.  
270894546 An exploratory study of college students' fanning behavior on Facebook.  
270894545 Learning styles and effective learning habits of university students: a case from Turkey.  
270894544 Statistics anxiety and science attitudes: age, gender, and ethnicity factors.  
270894543 Work sampling of a professor during "off-contract" periods.  
270894542 An analysis of Chinese business students' performance on a test of Emotional Intelligence.  
270894541 Which students complete extra-credit work?  
270894540 Cell phone use and grade point average among undergraduate university students.  
270894539 College students' stress under current economic downturn.  
270894538 The effects of prerequisites and curricular continuity: domestic versus imported.  
270894537 Student stalking of faculty: results of a nationwide survey.  
270894536 Standardized testing for outcomes assessment: reanalysis of the major field test for the MBA (MFT-MBA), with corrections and clarifications: (rejoinder to R. Wright, Standardized testing for outcome assessment: analysis of the Educational Testing Service MBA tests).  
270894535 Laboratory experiences of science and engineering graduate students at three research-oriented universities in Taiwan.  
270894534 Semester long changes in sleep duration for college students.  
270894533 Breakup distress in university students: a review.  
270894532 Evaluation of the work-based learning courses in the Manufacturing Technology program in a community college.  
259679627 The thinner the better? competitiveness, depression and body image among college student women.  
259679626 Exercise intervention at a Hispanic-serving institution.  
259679625 African American college students opinions of media messages on HIV/AIDS awareness: students' attitudes toward the disease.  
259679624 Examining the relationship between the self-directed search and a work values inventory: an exploratory study with implications for career counselors.  
259679623 Students' aggressive communication traits and their motives for communicating with their instructors.  
259679622 Religious commitment, social support and life satisfaction among college students.  
259679621 The professional needs of English language teachers at Amman 1st and 2nd directorates of education.  
259679620 Potential pitfalls of ethnocentricism in a globalizing world.  
259679619 Development of the sexual attitudes and experiences scale (SAES).  
259679618 Roots and wings: recognizing and accommodating the needs of undergraduate students.  
259679616 Reflections of student government association leaders: implications for advisors.  
259679615 Exploring effective support practices for doctoral students' degree completion.  
259679614 Disordered eating behaviors, depression, anxiety and stress among Malaysian university students.  
259679613 Why college students sell back their textbooks.  
259679612 Using dialogue journals to strengthen the student-teacher relationship: a comparative case study.  
259679611 The level of student incivility: the need of a policy to regulate college student civility.  
259679610 Teacher education students' experiences in the course on counseling theory and practice.  
259679609 The growth of public Universities in Malaysia.  
259679608 Mentoring in the social studies.  
259679607 Taxonomy for assessing conceptual understanding in algebra using multiple representations.  
252632772 The impact of current economic crisis on community colleges.  
252632771 Sex education knowledge differences between freshmen and senior college undergraduates.  
252632770 Managing research is both an art and a science.  
252632769 Shopping effort classification: implications for segmenting the college student market.  
252632768 Improving financial literacy of college students: a cross-sectional analysis.