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297135953 The university student perspective on factors that hinder the counseling alliance.  
297135952 Supplemental instruction improves grades but not persistence.  
297135951 Snooping in romantic relationships.  
297135950 Effects of classroom cell phone use on expected and actual learning.  
297135949 The effect of faculty self-promotion on student evaluations of teaching.  
297135948 Perception of high school students in Kuwait regarding their knowledge about physical education and the role of health education.  
297135947 Exploring the relationships between White racial consciousness, feminist identity development and family environment for White undergraduate women.  
297135946 Philosophical and sociological overview of vocational technical education in Nigeria.  
297135945 Academic major as a perceived stress indicator: extending stress management intervention.  
297135944 Relationship between broken homes and academic achievement of secondary school students in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.  
297135943 The similarities and differences between working and non-working students at a mid-sized American public university.  
297135942 Project NFFL: the Niagara fantasy football league and sport marketing education.  
285532036 Using study plans to develop self-directed learning skills: implications from a pilot project.  
285532035 Addressing the underrepresentation of African-Americans in counseling and psychology programs.  
285532034 The workload of faculty members: the example of educational faculties in Turkey.  
285532033 Depression and related problems in university students.  
285532032 Measuring service-mindedness and its relationship with spirituality and life satisfaction.  
285532031 The relationship talk: assessing partner commitment.  
285532030 Recent leaders in American education.  
285532029 Jordan university students' performance on the verbs make and do.  
285532028 Does self-esteem moderate the relations among perceived stress, coping, and depression?  
285532027 Poverty discrimination revealed through student peer evaluations.  
285532026 Twin similarities in Holland types as shown by scores on the self-directed search.  
285532025 Financial knowledge and aptitudes: impacts on college students' financial well-being.  
285532024 An alternative theoretical model: examining psychosocial identity development of international students in the United States.  
285532023 Frazzled by Facebook? An exploratory study of gender differences in social network communication among undergraduate men and women.  
285532022 Gender roles and night-sky watching among college students.  
285532021 The use of the first language in second language learning reconsidered.  
285532020 Positioning Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) for the K-economy.  
285532019 Life experiences of dissatisfied science and engineering graduate students in Taiwan.  
285532018 Career aspirations of undergraduate mathematics majors: an exploratory study.  
285532017 Gender differences in the academic performance and retention of undergraduate engineering majors.  
285532016 Predicting end-of-semester interest and self-efficacy from course and professor ratings.  
285532015 Community driven introduction to social work course.  
285532014 Preparing students for the new reality.  
285532013 Considering shame and its implications for student learning.  
278276711 Educational attainment, agricultural jobs and income among alumni from historically black land-grant colleges and universities.  
278276710 Resource allocation and management strategies in times of fiscal constraint and their impact on students.  
278276709 The impressions (images) of teacher candidates about basic school inspectors.  
278276708 Comparing educational leadership course and professor evaluations in on-line and traditional instructional formats: what are the students saying?  
278276707 Current language attitudes of mainland Chinese university students.  
278276706 The master's degree in education.  
278276705 Does integrating technology-based attendance into teacher education program improve student achievement in Kuwait?  
278276704 Parenting style, academic dishonesty, and infidelity in college students.  
278276703 The relationship between television watching and language achievement in first secondary students in Jordanian schools.  
278276702 Life experiences of overseas Chinese university students in Taiwan.  
278276701 Show what you know: ePortfolios for 21st century learners.  
278276700 Dissonance in the critical classroom: the role of social psychological processes in learner resistance.  
278276699 The game changer: using iPads in college teacher education classes.  
278276698 Sources of stress among gender and classification for African American college students.