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141167421 College women's rankings of the most undesirable marriage and family forms.  
141167420 A preliminary analysis of African American College students' perceptions of racial preferences and affirmative action in making admissions decisions at a predominantly White University.  
141167419 College living: issues related to housecleaning attitudes.  
141167418 Social mobility and the American Dream: what do college students believe?  
141167417 Teaching mathematics in the school setting.  
141167416 Overcoming biases to effectively serve African American College students: a call to the profession.  
141167415 Playful communication in mentoring.  
141167414 Examination of a paradigm for preparing undergraduates for a career in the retailing industries: mentors, curriculum, and an internship.  
141167413 The number sense of preservice elementary school teachers.  
141167412 Embracing the sociological imagination: a study of university students' perceptions of sociology.  
141167411 Unions, vitamins, exercise: unionized graduate students.  
141167410 Gender differences in reactions to college course requirements or "why females are better students".  
135842846 Gender differences in the academic ethic and academic achievement *.  
135842845 A profile of contemporary community college student involvement, technology use, and reliance on selected college life skills.  
135842844 Scales for measuring college student views of traditional motherhood and fatherhood.  
135842843 Globalization and the emergence of supranational organizations: implications for graduate programs in higher education administration.  
135842842 Academic performance of transfer versus "native" students in natural resources & sciences.  
135842841 Challenges of academic listening in English: reports by Chinese students.  
135842840 Skill development in the psychology major: what do undergraduate students expect?  
135842839 Design of faculty development workshops: attempting to practice what we preach.  
135842838 The career experiences of African American women faculty: implications for counselor education programs.  
135842837 Assessing student written communications skills: a gateway writing proficiency test for aspiring journalism majors.  
135842836 Dilemmas faced establishing portfolio assessment of pre-service teachers in the Southeastern United States.  
135842835 Do future teachers choose wisely: a study of pre-service teachers' personality preference profiles.  
135842834 Money, money, money: an exploratory study on the financial literacy of Black college students.  
135842833 Preliminary examination of cervical health practices and knowledge among university-aged females.  
135842832 Retention of vocational education graduates in public higher education.  
135842831 The story behind the catalyst: channing club vs. the board of regents of TTU.  
135842830 Intercouple dating on a college campus.  
135842829 A qualitative assessment of personal and academic stressors among Korean College students: an exploratory study.  
135842828 Using the Google search engine to detect word-for-word plagiarism in master's theses: a preliminary study.  
135842827 Student perceptions of two state universities in Texas: a comparative analysis.  
133606109 Perceptions of international students toward GRE.  
133606108 Preparation for the real business world: empirical research in the MBA finance curriculum.  
133606107 An exploration of the factors that affect the academic success of college sophomores.  
133606106 Sexual attitudes of college students: the impact of religiosity and spirituality.  
133606105 Exploring the use of first name to address faculty members in graduate programs.  
133606104 Stress, race and substance use in college.  
133606103 The financial knowledge of college freshmen.  
133606102 A comparative study of performance on a college student newspaper: foreign versus American students.  
133606101 Assessing the knowledge base of faculty at a private, four-year institution.  
133606100 A comparison between African-American and White students enrolled in an equal opportunity program on predominantly White college campuses: perceptions of the campus environment.  
133606099 Personal and social contributors to dropout risk for undergraduate students.  
133606098 The rhetoric of mock trial debate: using logos, pathos and ethos in undergraduate competition.  
133606097 College students' perceptions about career fairs: what they like, what they gain, and what they want to see.  
133606096 The Goetz plan: a practical smoking cessation program for college students.  
133606095 A study of experienced special education teachers' perceptions of adminstrative support.  
133606094 Moral development in fraternity members: a case study.  
133606093 College persistence and student attitudes toward financial success.  
133606092 Student awareness of educational requirements for desired careers and the utility of a careers in psychology course.