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150965825 An assessment of personal health protective practices of out--of--school adolescents in South--South senatorial district of Nigeria.  
150965824 Relations among student effort, perceived class difficulty appropriateness, and student evaluations of teaching: is it possible to "buy" better evaluations through lenient grading?  
150965823 Problems and prospects of women access to science and technology education in Nigeria.  
150965822 Implementing panacea for admission crisis into Nigerian Universities: an innovation diffusion plan.  
150965821 College choice: a study of African American and White student aspirations and perceptions related to college attendance.  
150965820 An evaluation of the relationship between early assessment grades and final grades.  
150965819 Deficit and resilience perspectives on performance and campus comfort of adult students.  
150965818 Challenges confronting female intercollegiate athletic directors of NCAA member institutions by division.  
150965817 The community college classroom environment: student perceptions.  
150965816 Reducing prejudice on campus: the role of intergroup contact in diversity education.  
150965815 Assessment of the affective evaluation competencies of social studies teachers in secondary schools in Western Nigeria.  
150965814 Factors affecting quality of English language teaching and learning in secondary schools in Nigeria.  
150965813 On your mark, get set, wait! Are your teacher candidates prepared to embed assistive technology in teaching and learning?  
150965812 Persistence toward bachelor degree completion of students in Family and Consumer Sciences.  
147389152 Psi chi alumni: a national survey of psychology honor society graduates.  
147389151 Korean college students in united states: perceptions of professors and students.  
147389150 Educational and career barriers to the medical profession: perceptions of underrepresented minority students.  
147389149 Motivational factors, learning strategies and resource management as predictors of course grades.  
147389148 Student evaluations of faculty: concerns raised in the literature, and possible solutions.  
147389147 Students' perceptions of course difficulty and their ratings of the instructor.  
147389146 Student racial differences in credit card debt and financial behaviors and stress.  
147389145 Changes in perceptions of adolescents and of adolescence from course instruction.  
147389144 The effects of academic skills on Chinese ESL students' lecture comprehension.  
147389143 Can paraphrasing practice help students define plagiarism?  
147389142 Questions and answers: the substance of knowledge and relationships.  
147389141 An exploration of fraternity culture: implications for programs to address alcohol-related sexual assault.  
147389140 Decision making and motivation and its impact on career search behaviors: the role of self-regulation.  
147389139 Racial differences in perceptions of women and men *.  
147389138 Do drinking practices at university differ among students coming from urban and rural centers? a preliminary examination of knowledge, attitudes and beliefs.  
147389137 An analysis of college students' self-disclosure behaviors on the internet.  
147389136 Evaluating a peer-led, theatrical sexual assault prevention program: how do we measure success?  
147389135 Social factors relating to alienation experienced by international students in the United States.  
147389134 Practitioner vs. professor--teacher preferences of educational leadership students.  
147389133 The self-worth, physical and social activities of graduate students: a qualitative study.  
147389132 Redefining spirituality: a new discourse.  
147389131 Life review during the college freshman year.  
147389130 -Binge and non-binge college students' perceptions of other students' drinking habits.  
147389129 Towards improving understanding of perceived technical terms in chemistry learning in Nigeria.  
147389128 Robert Merton dies at 92.  
147389127 Effect of sex on perceived support and burnout in university students.  
141167431 Sex differences in motivational traits and ethical decision making among graduating accounting majors.  
141167430 Help-seeking attitudes among AfricanAmerican college students.  
141167429 On being respected or liked: principle-centered teaching.  
141167428 Experiential learning in the introductory class: the role of minor league hockey in teaching social psychology.  
141167427 Teacher certification exams: what are the predictors of success?  
141167426 The unnecessary tension between learning communities and intellectual growth.  
141167425 College student beliefs about women: some gender differences *.  
141167424 Hallmark of a world-class university.  
141167423 Where did you say that state was? The effect of availability on a student's knowledge of the United States.  
141167422 The portfolio process: questions for implementation and practice.