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161282233 Business students' perceptions of arrogance in academia.  
161282232 Technology's impact on graduate level reading: using technology to improve student assignment completion rates.  
161282231 Perceptions of career and technology and training and development students regarding basic personal computer knowledge and skills.  
161282230 Perceptions of accounting practitioners and educators on e-business curriculum and Web security issues.  
161282229 Stimulant use as correlate of abusive behaviour among Nigerian undergraduates.  
161282228 Electronifying oral communication: refining the conceptual framework for online instruction.  
161282227 Personality preferences of college student-athletes.  
161282226 Professors' irritating behavior study.  
161282225 "I've studied so hard for this course, but don't get it!" Differences between student and faculty perceptions.  
161282224 Does interest in watching the night-sky correlate with morning-evening orientation? A brief report.  
161282223 Factors influencing achievement in Junior School Certificate Examination (JSCE) in Home economics in Nigeria.  
161282222 Examining the enigmatic Einstein.  
161282221 The various P's of social interactions.  
161282220 Ten recommendations regarding how to become a better student.  
161282219 Discerning the reliability of the personal attribute inventory as a measure of students' "self-concepts" and "ideal self-concepts".  
156364425 The relationship of student employment to student role, family relationships, social interactions and persistence.  
156364424 A field study of first aid knowledge and attitudes of college students in Kuwait University.  
156364423 African American college students' perceptions of psychosocial factors influencing racial disparities in health.  
156364422 Extending specialist training in counseling: the efficacy of self-instruction.  
156364421 Identity negotiation among female Chinese international students in second-language higher education.  
156364420 Shaking up the status quo: challenging intolerance of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community at a private Roman Catholic university.  
156364419 Plus/minus grading: a within instructor comparison.  
156364418 Administration of schools.  
156364417 Rehabilitation counselor education students' career goals: a partial replication study.  
156364416 Color memory of university students: influence of color experience and color characteristic.  
156364415 An operational definition of class participation.  
156364414 Students' perceptions of reference letters.  
156364413 The experiences and adjustment problems of Africans at a historically black institution.  
156364412 It's more than drinking, drugs, and sex: college student perceptions of family problems.  
156364411 Comparison of some secondary body composition algorithms.  
156364410 Characteristics of an effective Web site in educational leadership.  
156364409 An attempt to assist student-athletes to succeed in various ways: a pilot study.  
156364408 Marital status, ethnicity, academic achievement, and adjustment strains: the case of graduate international students.  
156364407 Low income students: their lived university campus experiences pursing baccalaureate degrees with private foundation scholarship assistance.  
156364406 College students' perceptions of university identification and football game day attire.  
156364405 Quantifying the impact of food preparation skills among college women.  
156364404 Why students return for a master's degree in sport management.  
150965838 College students and gambling: an examination of gender differences in motivation for participation.  
150965837 Class attendance and students' evaluation of their college instructors.  
150965836 MBA academic performance and type of undergraduate degree possessed.  
150965835 The effects of stereotype threat on test performance of male and female college students.  
150965834 The impact of student-faculty informal interpersonal relationships on intellectual and personal development.  
150965833 Using the institutional database to examine student diversity by school.  
150965832 The role of interpersonal influence as a college alcohol prevention strategy.  
150965831 College students' gender differences regarding e-mail.  
150965830 Student perceptions of textbook outlines.  
150965829 Preparing for college: improving the odds for students with learning disabilities.  
150965828 A drug evaluation curriculum with drama as its base: the target project.  
150965827 Student attitudes toward web-enhanced instruction in an educational technology course.  
150965826 Out of the college closet: differences in perceptions and experiences among out and closeted lesbian and gay students.